Saturday, May 31, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

Memorial Day began with a visit to Coco's pool! We basically had the pool to ourselves all morning! Stryker learned how to swim on his own with a life jacket. Stryker & LakeLynn start swimming lessons in June. So now he has a jump start! LakeLynn helped Coco drive the car back to her house. Fletch had lunch ready for us - pizza & sandwiches. We played outside until about 1pm then headed to the house. Both kiddos were asleep within 5 min. Naps were finished at home before enjoying a cookout with friends at our next door neighbors. What a memorable day!

Who is that sleeping in my bed?!

Decoration Sunday

It's that time of year again...decoration Sunday for Logan's dad. We took pictures & visited with family/cousins outside before listening to the singing at church. Lunch was held at our usual place - Steele Country Buffet.

Picnic at Shades Cahaba park

We kicked off Memorial Day weekend with a pizza lunch at Shades Cahaba park. Eating outside is what they love to do.

End of the school year parties

Since having Fridays off, I had the opportunity to be with Stryker & LakeLynn as they enjoyed their end of the year parties at school. Upon arriving, Stryker was outside with his class jumping in the inflatables. Stryker ran up to me showing me his "boo boo". Ms. Pam informed me that he sprinted to be the first child through the caterpillar inflatable obstable course & tripped over the power cord. Always striving to be in the lead! My heart melted as he was climbing up a wall in the caterpillar with a friend when he yelled to me, "hey!" His buddy asked who I was & Stryker answered, "that's my mom!" Yes, it was a proud moment since he has not gotten to the age that he is embarrassed of me. As he class walked to his room, I visited Lake's class on the playground. Her teachers were spraying the children with water to keep them cool. I returned to Stryker's class in time to head back outside for a picnic. One of the dads told me that he absolutely loved Stryker's name & that was a "real man's name!" We agree that Stryker is a tough name. The picnic was under trees which provided a nice shaded area. Stryker sat in my lap some of the time while he ate. After lunch, the children ran in the grass followed by a quick class picture. When we returned to his classroom, we began an ice cream sundae party. The class decided on what toppings were necessary for the vanilla & chocolate ice cream: chocolate, strawberry, caramel syrup; strawberries & blueberries; chocolate chips; brownies; cherries; cool whip; sprinkles; bananas. I enjoyed being able to help the other parents pass out the toppings. The parties were wonderful! It was a bittersweet day knowing my children will be changing teachers for the summer. Thank you to all of my children's teachers.

After a morning full of partying, we surprised daddy at work! Lake enjoyed sitting at daddy's desk drawing before Stryker & Lake drove a forklift. Our next stop was a visit with the pediatrician. I would definitely say this was a full day.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dr. DeWeese's graduation party

Congratulations to Rachael DeWeese!!! We are proud of you for your accomplishment in becoming a pharmacist! Thank you for letting us celebrate with you!

Welcome to the gun show

Morning snuggles

This definitely makes it difficult to leave for work in the mornings.

Zoo time

We took grandmomma to the Birmingham Zoo last weekend for a delayed Mother's Day celebration. Stryker & Lake enjoyed the good weather as well as seeing the new exhibits.