Sunday, June 22, 2014


Hanging out at the Riddle's

We were invited for dinner at the Riddle's house last Saturday. Instructions were to bring a side dish (double chocolate brownies from us) & have swimsuits for the kiddos along with a water gun. There was another family with 5 children that joined us totalling 6 adults & 9 children! We were all having a blast outside playing with all kinds of water toys. Appetites were definitely present after all the playing so we chowed down on hamburgers/cheeseburgers, hotdogs, chips, baked beans, & potato salad. Then back to playing before changing clothes & eating dessert (brownies, oreos, & Advocare Rehydrate popsicles). We had such a great time & can't wait to hang out again! Thank you for inviting our family!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

LakeLynn's surgery - oh what a day

Friday morning (June 13th), LakeLynn had surgery at Children's South. Our original plans were almost ruined when my alarm did not go off! Full panic mode when I looked at my phone & the time said 6:00 am! We have to leave in 30 min max! Thank goodness I packed everything the night before. While I got ready, Logan packed the car. While Logan got ready, I grabbed Lake out of bed in to change her diaper & put her in the car. Coco was at our house to stay with Stryker while we went to the hospital. I kept her distracted from wanting her morning sippy cup of milk while we waited. It wasn't long before we were called back for prep. She loved being pushed around on various riding toys before being called back for surgery. She was taken to the OR by 8am & back in my arms before 9am. Dr. Wiatrak is a great ENT & gave a good report on Lake. Her old tubes were removed, both ears irrigated (lots of gluish fluid behind right tube), new tubes replaced which have antibacterial coating on them, & adenoids removed which were enlarged. Things for LakeLynn can definitely only get better! Praise The Lord for such a good recovery - last picture shows her riding with Stryker down the street late that afternoon. Stryker enjoyed a special day with Coco - riding a golf cart at Coco's work & movie that morning followed by lunch & dessert at Savage's, picking a toy out at the toy store (he also picked out a toy for LakeLynn), & playing at the park. LakeLynn was able to come home & sleep off the anesthesia without Stryker making a lot of noise. I left for a MD appt which Logan was able to give me lots of updates on how LakeLynn was doing - yes, this might have been excessive but this momma hated to leave her. To make it worse, I arrived home only to have Logan drive me to my retina specialist. My lattice degeneration causing signs of possible retina detachment was the reason they instructed me to come to the office immediately. Coco was on duty for keeping us updated on LakeLynn. Around 6pm, I was sitting comfortably at home with my baby girl in arms. LakeLynn's recovery has been quick allowing her to enjoy her swimming lessons this morning (Saturday, June 14th) which were outside. Appreciate everyone's prayers for our precious daughter.

My beautiful daughter

Oneonta block party

Saturday (June 7th) afternoon we loaded the little swimmers in the car & headed to the Oneonta block party. We didn't get to stay long because they were tired after swimming all morning & the temperature kept climbing. We enjoyed walking around, eating Uncle Cody's taco food, feeding farm animals, & jumping in the inflatables. Stryker was able to get a picture taken on a city fire truck. On our way to the car, we were able to snag a picture with Brother Bill - many prayers have been said by this wonderful man for our precious angels!

First swimming lesson

Last Saturday, June 7th Stryker & LakeLynn was scheduled for their first of 8 swimming lessons! LakeLynn is in a parent-child class & Stryker is in a group class. We kicked the morning off with carb loading at Dunkin Donuts in Homewood. We enjoyed sitting outside eating our yummy breakfast. A big thank you for my Dunkin Donuts gift card from one of my athletes that became a PT observation student. We had a little time to kill after arriving at Homewood Shades Valley YMCA (it is special knowing that is the same place that I learned to swim) so we shot some hoops! Basketball might be a sport of Stryker's & Lake loved shooting from daddy's arms followed by hanging on the rim! Both lessons were inside but will be outside sometimes. Lake was very clingy which improved by the end of the class. Daddy got in the water for a few minutes after class was over so LakeLynn could show off her new skills. During Lake's lesson, Stryker enjoyed lifting weights with the water dumbbells from the observation deck. Stryker was excited for his lesson to begin & never feared trying all the new things! He will definitely be swimming soon. Stryker even met a friend (Shane) which ended up being the son of a mom that I spent the whole time with talking! Can't wait for the rest of the summer!!