Sunday, August 2, 2015

While daddy's away

Logan had a business trip in Milwaukee the end of July so I made sure the kiddos were spoiled especially by letting them sleep in my bed every night. I wouldn't trade the memories for anything!

UAB PT's developmental lab

Wednesday, July 15th:
We had the opportunity to help my alumni UAB with their developmental lab! I always enjoy giving back to the program that I completed as well as showing my children off to everyone. A special thank you to Dr. Jennifer Christy for allowing us to help.

Water anyone?!

Fourth of July celebration

Saturday, July 4th

pics 1&2: baby girl wanted to dress like mom
pics 3-5: new swimming pool
pic 6: Lake's red & blue toenails
pic 7: Coco & Fletch stopped by to play a round of corn hole
pics 8&9: more swimming pool fun
the rest of the pictures were of the big get together at our home/our neighbor's house

Sunday, July 5th

watched the U.S. Women's soccer team win!!!
Coco & Fletch came over after dinner to shoot fireworks