Monday, October 22, 2012

Coco's birthday: Fun at the Patch

Happy birthday to my amazing & beautiful mom!! You have sacrificed so much for me without a second thought. You have provided me with a good example of a friend & mom. Thank you for the role you have played in my life as well as my children. I am truly blessed to call you my mom. We love you & hope you had a wonderful birthday with us at the Pumpkin Patch.

Precious moments

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Party fun

A good friend's daughter Peyton celebrated her 2nd birthday on Sunday, September 21st. We enjoyed being a part of her birthday fun! Thanks for the invitation.

Chuck E Cheese

Logan was unfortunately working in Louisiana for 9 days (Thursday September 11th - Friday September 19th). Therefore, I tried to keep Stryker busy. Coco & I took him to Chuck E Cheese in Vestavia for the first time. It was special seeing him play somewhere I enjoyed as a child. Can't wait to go back! As you can tell in the pictures, he had a blast while Lake slept & then he passed out at home lying beside his little toy Chuck E Cheese.

LakeLynn: 1 month appt

LakeLynn, we are pleased to announce you are 1 month old! Time flies faster with your second child. It has been a fast month & you continue to amaze us each day. You had your official 1 month doctor's appt on Friday, September 19th. You can tell in the picture what you did throughout the visit - slept - except with the 2 shots which woke you up crying. But you quickly calmed down after I snuggled you in my arms. Daddy was out of town so he missed this appt.

1 month stats:
Height = 20.5 inches (born at 19 inches) - 25th percentile

Weight = 7 pounds 8.3 ounces (born at 5 pounds 3 ounces) - 10th percentile

1 month update:
*like mother, like daughter - our baby pics look identical!
*you hold your fists under your chin when taking a bottle just like I did
*rarely cry, mainly wimper when hungry or wet/dirty diaper
*wearing newborn clothes & diapers
*if wearing socks, you like to kick the left one off
*sleeping in our bedroom downstairs in a bassinet (Stryker was already in his crib by this time)
*eating solely breast milk out of bottle
*wants to be held or rocked constantly just like me as a baby
*tolerates tummy time for short periods of time but always trying to hold head up
*smiles a lot
*trying so hard to talk - you'll wave your arms, kick your legs, & move your tongue around like crazy when spoken to
*beginning to visit family & friends since you are a month old
*loves to stroll
*experienced a short bout of thrush - thankfully I caught it very early & we were able to eliminate it in less than a week

Everyone at the pediatrician's office talked about how pretty you were, how beautiful your hair was, how unique your name was, & how sweet you were. Someone actually thought you were there for your 1 week appt since you were so tiny! Your next visit is scheduled when you turn 2 months.

LakeLynn - 1 & 2 weeks old

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Just another fall Saturday

Here's what a typical Saturday around our house looks like:

LakeLynn sucking on her new Ole Miss pacy! Thank you Stanley's for the gift!

Stryker lying in the "big bed" watching a movie, eating, & drinking apple juice all while being naked. Yes, he loves his birthday suit! It's a fight to keep clothes on this child (complete opposite of what he was like a year ago).

My Heisman Hubs! Notice our little girl is the football. She's about the size of one.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Big park fun

We discovered a new "big" park in Vestavia today - Wald Park. It's perfect for kids as well as the parents. Coco met us there to hold LakeLynn so Logan & I could spend some special fun time with Stryker. He had a blast! He ran non-stop, as if that was any different. We will definitely be going back very soon, especially since it's only about 15 min from the house.

LakeLynn's first "real" bath

Yay! Lake's umbilical cord stump fell off so we're ready for a real bath! She's been having sponge baths but now we can see how she handles being in the water...

She wasn't quite sure at first but then fell fast asleep. Go figure. I'm beginning to think she's going to be a little calmer than our little guy. Lake did love her hair being washed & rinsed which is exactly what Stryker loved! She only cried for a quick second after we finished the bath while I was trying to cover her wet body in a towel. We'll see what Stryker thinks about her taking a bath next time since we decided to let this first experience be with just mom & daddy.

Green - party of 4!