Monday, April 21, 2014

Aunt Barbara's birthday

The Pauly's are like second parents to me. Steve & Barbara were best friends with my mom while their son Jon was like a brother to me. We grew up on the same street in Homewood (2 houses away). They are special to me & my family. Barbara's birthday was Friday so we surprised her with a visit! Stryker called her that morning to sing her Happy Birthday! It is always sweet to see my children with her. Hope you had a wonderful day.

Golf cart riding

Stryker drove us around the golf course (I only pressed the gas pedal except when something caught his attention & his eyes left the cart path)! 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday funday

Today was a beautiful day outside. After a wonderful church service at Desperation Church in Cullman, we took advantage of the outdoors. The kiddos took a quick nap while I ran around the neighborhood. The non-stop fun began immediately after naps were completed. Stryker & LakeLynn helped us clean up the backyard, jumped on the trampoline, played in the sand, played on the fort/swing set/slide, bounced on the see-saw, & rode around in the wheelbarrow. All of this before riding Stryker's power truck down the street to throw rocks around a construction area. We had friends stop by to enjoy outside & inside fun. This allowed my family & Coco to get hair cuts while the kiddos played. Everyone enjoyed pizza, wings, & chocolate muffins. Whew, what a day! Can't wait for the work week to end & get back to making more memories!

Side note: Lake did not wear the tennis shoes to church. She wore little white sandals. We are not allowing her to wear sandals or be bare footed outside for a few days because she stepped on a nail outside which did not require any medical attention but the doctor advised us to keep it covered over the next couple of days.

Birthday parties are always fun

We had the honor of celebrating our friends' little boy turning 1! Our family enjoyed playing with all of the children along with filling our tummies with pizza, strawberries, cookies, & Cookie Monster cupcakes! The blue icing was a huge hit!

Masters 2014 week

In honor of the most prestigous week in golf (The Masters), we enjoyed time on the course at Vestavia Country Club. Thank you Coco for allowing us special time outside!

Number fun

Stryker is having fun writing numbers & letters each night!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hubs 35th birthday: part 3

We ended Logan's birthday with his hometown rodeo in Oneonta. Stryker & LakeLynn were having a blast with watching the bronco bareback but I was interested in the injuries!

Soulmate, Husband, Friend
A friend like you is hard to find. A gift that's truly rare, you held your arms out wide to me & took up all my cares, then carried them along with me as if they were your own. You really are the kindest person I have ever known. Why was it when I turned around I saw you stand & stay, when one by one I watched as all the others walked away? Your steadfast faithfulness has surely stood the test of time. I'm so thankful just to know a man like you is mine. So often I have smiled at you & sometimes I can see the love of Jesus in your face smile gently back at me. If I stayed down upon my knees from dawn to setting sun, how could I ever thank The Lord for everything you've done? If hearts had words to speak aloud of all that they held true, my heart would shout, "I've found a soulmate, husband, friend in you!"

Hubs 35th birthday: part 2

Happy "official" birthday Logan!!!! Stryker & Lake couldn't wait to give daddy their painted pictures  Saturday morning. They were so proud of the pictures & of course Lake had to tell daddy every detail of both pictures! I had given Logan his birthday card the night before but he was able to open his present of Peter Millar cologne Saturday morning. Coco came to keep the kiddos until about 2pm so we could spend time at the Parade of Homes. I surprised Logan with lunch at Genghis Grill! After arriving back at home, we spent the rest of the afternoon outside! Can't keep our family indoors!

Hubs 35th birthday: part 1

Happy Birthday my handsome hubs!!!! I started my Friday off work schedule this week which was perfect timing to celebrate my hubby's birthday over a long weekend. I had an eventful weekend planned for this special occasion. Friday morning & early afternoon was spent alone while our kiddos were at school. Bargain Hunt was our destination (we have heard about it but have never been). We walked up & down every aisle. Logan's dream way of shopping. Yes, I meant that seriously. I am not the shopping type but enjoyed the alone time with my hubs. We found a vanity table for LakeLynn, sand-water wheel play table for Stryker & LakeLynn, 4 shorts for Stryker, & 2 movies for the long car rides. What better way to celebrate your birthday than buying our children toys?! We wouldn't have it any other way. We couldn't wait to see their little faces when they entered the house & enjoy the time together playing with the new toys. LakeLynn also got a new pair of sandals for the summer. The water table was set up in the kitchen due to the colder weather.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Baby shower for Colt Helland

Our family was able to celebrate the soon arrival of Colt Patrick Helland. After church, we headed from Cullman to our wonderful friends' house in McCalla. Stryker always loves playing with Lucy. Appreciate the invite to the cookies & milk baby shower. Can't wait to welcome Colt in a couple of months!

Logan's early birthday present

Logan's 35th birthday is this Saturday, April 5th. Coco gave early birthday presents this weekend which Stryker & LakeLynn enjoyed unwrapping for daddy! Logan received 2 Peter Millar shirts!!!!