Saturday, June 22, 2013

Father's Day 2013

Happy Father's Day to an amazing handsome hubs that has surpassed all expectations that I could ever have envisioned for the father of my children! Logan received his gift earlier that week so that he could enjoy a hair cut with head/neck massage at The Butler's Grooming Club. Unfortunately, I had to work the weekend. But I made sure to get started both Saturday & Sunday early in order to spend time with my family during this special weekend. After working Saturday, I ran home to allow Logan some rest time while the kiddos slept & I mowed the grass. Sunday morning, I was able to meet them at church for Dad Fest. We had a wonderful service followed by outdoor activities in the sun! I proudly took us to All Steak for lunch before heading back to work for a couple of hours. Thank you Logan for being someone who our son can call a hero & our daughter can first love. You are more than our family will ever deserve. Love you!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Courtney's 30th birthday

Happy 30th Birthday to me!! I have been looking forward to turning the big 3-0. Each year is a blessing & am thankful that God allows me to enjoy each new milestone. I had worked the previous weekend so my birthday was my actual day off! I spent the morning with the kiddos while Logan was at work. Logan surprised me by taking off work a little early. The night was planned perfect. The whole day was perfect because family is exactly who I would want to spend it with. We headed out to Coco & Fletch's to drop the kiddos off. But not before, they showered me with gifts. Undeserved, but appreciated. Fletch had me a complete workout outfit while Coco gave me other outfits. She has great taste! Coco didn't forget Stryker or Lake. They enjoyed a new toy as well. Dinner reservations were calling our name. Logan had reserved us a table at The Bright Star. Stuffed shrimp with a salad was my choice (it's always my choice there). Before I had a chance to order a piece of peanut butter pie, our waitress brought out a delicious, homemade strawberry cake!! He had ordered one from our favorite cake lady, Vicki Stoves. It was incredible as usual. I filled my stomach as much as I could that night. We gave our waitresses a piece of cake as well as a couple at a nearby table. Everyone who walked by the table requested the cake lady's name. I gave out plenty of referrals, that's for sure! Thank you to my family for making this birthday special. You all hold a piece of my heart. Each one of you mean something to me. I am truly blessed & cannot wait to see what my 30s bring.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Duck Dynasty party

We attended a Duck Dynasty birthday party this past weekend. Of course Lucy & Stryker were inseperable. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Helland-Green vacation: day 4

Goodbye beach, hello home! Still raining this morning so we spent a couple hours at the Tanger Outlet before hitting the road. Hoping to make this an annual trip together.

Helland-Green vacation: day 3

Good morning thunderstorm! Good sleeping weather that night though with the sound of the ocean & thunderstorm. We were a little bummed since this was the first full day as a family to enjoy the beach but no worries we're still on vacation. First on the agenda, indoor pool. We were really having fun splashing around when a voice informed us over the loud speaker that a storm was in the area & everyone had to vacate the pool. At least we had 30 min of water time. Next up, the arcade. The Track arcade provided the perfect indoor entertainment. Stryker won the most tickets he has ever won (not much to compare to since he doesn't go often). He hit the jackpot at one game! Such a lucky little dude. We killed another couple of hours & were ready for an early dinner. We took some of Logan & Nick's fish to Tacky Jack's for a cheaper priced meal. They will cook your fish grilled, fried, or blackened & provide fries & hush puppies for half price! We chose half blackened & half fried of grouper & red snapper. Delicious!!! Added with fries, hush puppies, smoked tuna dip, & salad made for some very full, happy people. So glad we have lots of frozen fish to bring home! Back to the condo with full bellies we go. After playing around the condo, Stacy, Nick, & Logan took the kiddos (I stayed behind to feed baby Lake & let her sleep) to get ice cream. The rest of the night was spent on the balcony playing with the rain coming down. We were also watching the Coast Guard helicopter fly over the ocean & rescue vehicles across the beach due to a drowning. Such a scary feeling. Tomorrow we'll be heading home. We'll see how the weather is in the morning.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Helland-Green vacation: day 2

Logan & Nick's deep sea fishing trip began around 8am Saturday morning. Stacy's boss invited our guys to join him on his boat. The original plans were a 1/2 day trip which turned into a full day trip. But hey, who can get mad with a free trip & knowing our guys were having a blast! Stacy & I had planned to entertain the kiddos at the beach & pool before naps & welcoming the guys back. Well, this is where the day started getting long. We had everyone ready & packed to play in the sand. The sun was out so we couldn't wait to set up camp under the tent we had placed yesterday. Enter bad news. As we arrived at our spot (did I mention with arm loads of toys, 3 children, ice chests filled with drinks & snacks), we were shocked to find the tent thrown to the side. Stacy & I said we would be super moms if we successfully set the tent up with 3 children. A guy down the beach saw us struggling & came over offering his help. That's when we found out the tent was broken in several places. Are you kidding me?! This cannot be happening. The guy said his family set their umbrella up earlier that morning & saw the beach chair employee throw our tent aside. We knew we wouldn't be able to stay on the beach without a big shade for at least LakeLynn. Angry, devastated, & frustrated, we packed our stuff up (Stacy stopped to question the employee) to make the trek to the swimming pool. We spent a short time in the pool & then headed back to the room. We ordered a pizza & hoped the children would take a nap so we could get them ready to see the daddy's. Well, no naps & we were going stir crazy especially after realizing the guys wouldn't be back after lunch (wasn't really sure what time it would be). So what next? Off to dollar general to buy some crap that you don't allow at home: sidewalk chalk, bubbles, play dough, coloring books/crayons, & paint. Our condo's arcade was only 2 games so we didnt even waste our time. Thank goodness Stryker & Lucy play well together. Around 5:30pm, the walls felt as though they were closing in. We decided to make the ride to the boat docks in hopes the guys would be there soon. Very soon. Side note: we didn't have all the car seats for the big kids so going anywhere any distance away was out of the question. Stacy had Stryker & Lucy ring pops & bubbles to entertain them at the docks. Within 30 min, we caught a glimpse of the guys!!!! Not sure who was happier to see them, the kiddos or us moms! Logan took Stryker to the boat & showed him all the red snapper & grouper! Impressive. Then, we all went onto another dock to watch them clean & filet the fish. Since it was late & a storm was approaching, we decided to eat sandwiches at the room. Another day in the books.