Thursday, August 28, 2014

Stryker's 2nd year of soccer

Yes, it's that time of year!! Stryker has begun his 2nd year of soccer with the Gardendale Soccer Club! This year includes more soccer drills during practice time with games on Saturday mornings allowing just enough time to finish LakeLynn's gymnastics & get back to Gardendale! Can't wait to watch our boy play again this year!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Lake's gymnastics

LakeLynn has started gymnastics!!! It is a mommy&me class (daddy will take her when I work) on Saturday mornings through Vision gymnastics in Hoover! Her first class was Saturday, Aug. 16th. The classes are 50 min long & end just in time for us to make it to Stryker's soccer games (when they begin in Sept.). Daddy & Stryker watched the class from the observation deck. Coach Katherine instructed the first day. Lake loved every minute of it! Her favorite parts were swinging/hanging from the rings & uneven bars as well as running fast down the long trampoline. The coach was impressed that LakeLynn could do so much & was so tough. That's my girl! Ready for the next class! 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Harmony Safari Park

We took a spontaneous day trip to Harmony Safari Park in Huntsville, AL on Saturday (Aug. 9th). Upon arriving, we received a bucket of feed/treats for the animals. Our limitless trip around the farm was great! New experiences with all types of animals up close & personable! This particular emu jerked his long neck towards Lake & me. Needless to say, I rolled the window up quickly due to LakeLynn having a death grip on my arm saying, "no, no, no." The rest of the riding trip was spent with our window up! Stryker had an emu ram his head in the car pecking the feed cup that was in his hands! Stryker quickly said, "hey, what's with the attitude bird?!" Never know what crazy things that child will say. After riding around for about an hour, we parked to enjoy the walking trails. First up was the turtle area. We were able to feed them lettuce. LakeLynn was interested until I attempted to put her down. She was not brave then! This exhibit made Stryker want a pet turtle. At the highest point of the trail, a barn housed an 18 month old giraffe. There was also a big rock that had various fossils in it. The sign above said that over 300 million years ago, Harmony Park was under the ocean. This rock has not moved since! Stryker found a snail which he relocated to another place in the park. On our way home, we drove along a bridge which was another highlight of Stryker's.