Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve night: Uncle Cody & Aunt Dana's house
The night began with opening gifts which all of the kiddos loved playing with.

Stryker's gifts: Ninja Turtle sleeping bag, tent, Imaginext Battle Rover
LakeLynn's gifts: Frozen singing dress, kitchen with food/mixer/coffee maker/dishes
Grandmommy's gift from us: White Flowers shirt, scarf
Uncle Cody & Aunt Dana's gift from us: front porch swing
Talan's gift from us: baseball glove
Dali's gift from us: push toy & a little Barn toy for the car

After gift opening, we ate a home cooked meal with desserts before heading to Aunt Bonnie's house.

Christmas with Coco: part 2

Christmas with Coco & Fletch: part 2
Dinner was the traditional Christmas meal that was delicious. Round 2 of presents were opened immediately after filling our tummies.

Stryker & LakeLynn received a stationary bike.
LakeLynn's gifts: petting zoo dance mat, 2 Elmos, Minni Mouse doll house, puzzles
Stryker's gifts: a BB gun, 2 Hot Wheel off road tracks, baseball challenge game, soccer challenge game, puzzle, Hot Wheel track with carrying case
Fletch's gift from us: punching bag
Coco's gift from us: new purse, gift cards

Since it was raining, Stryker had to shoot his BB gun from the back porch. 

Christmas with Coco: part 1

Christmas with Coco & Fletch was divided into 2 nights due to Fletch being gone the first night & my long work week schedule through the holidays.

Monday, December 22nd: Coco's house
Stryker & LakeLynn received a kid's weight bench.
LakeLynn's gifts: hopscotch mat, Cookie Monster jar game, Elmo's Dorothy fish bowl game, Doc McStuffin's bath paint set, puzzles, Elmo travel color game
Stryker's gifts: Ninja Turtle race track, 3 in 1 sports set, 2 hot wheel tracks, Cars shaving kit, Squishy Sand with table

Coco gave me my annual Nutcracker!

Christmas with friends

Christmas with our neighbors/friends...The Spears!
LakeLynn received a big stuffed Olaf which she insists on keeping it in her crib every night. Stryker received a flying Raphael ninja turtle & a Ninja Turtle hair kit. We always enjoy time with our friends.

Christmas church service

Sunday, December 21st
Merry Christmas!! It was a wonderful church service at Desperation Church as usual. Santa greeted us at the door as he always does but this time dressed in his suit. Stryker's Sunday school class sang at the beginning of the service. After church, we spent time with Mamo at the nursing home before heading to Coco's favorite lunch spot in Cullman - All Steak. We had a wonderful morning.