Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Coco surprised Stryker with a karate class tonight! The instructor agreed to let Stryker try the class out for free this week to make sure he would like it & could follow along since he's younger than 4. He started out great but got a little teary-eyed when the instructor's voice got louder during instructions. After a quick break in my lap, he was back out there! The instructor took special time with Stryker during the class. He was so proud to have daddy, mom, baby Lake, & Coco watching with undivided attention. The instructor said he was impressed with Stryker's motor skills & how well he was able to follow instructions. Can't wait to see how Thursday's class goes!

Memorial Day weekend 2013

Friday: Logan & I met the kiddos at Coco's house to splash around in the pool. Stryker was running around, playing water gun tag, & playing basketball! Oh & flirting with some older girls! After pool time, we headed to the playground to dry off. Stryker was trying to learn how to throw a Frisbee. We ate on Boston butt & ribs before gobbling down homemade ice cream. Stryker loves making it with Coco.

Saturday: Happy 3rd birthday Lucy! We celebrated Stryker's best friend's special day with an afternoon cowgirl/cowboy party at Tannehill. We had a great time riding ponies & eating some grub! Thanks for allowing us to enjoy her 3rd birthday.

Sunday: Decoration Sunday. Each year around this time, we remember Logan's dad. The church where he is buried has a decoration Sunday when friends & family come together. We spend a little time at his grave site placing plants/flowers before heading into the church to listen to special guest group of singers. They sing the good ole Gospel music - the songs that helped Logan's dad learn the Bible since he was dyslexic. Afterwards, we filled our tummies with country cooking from a little buffet. We always enjoy seeing everyone. While Logan let the kids nap, I mowed our yard. Yes, I did because I love to cut the grass. I love that time to listen to music, get sun, & pushing the mower provides a good workout. Logan surprised me when I finished by having the clothes ironed!

Monday (Memorial Day): The morning began with another pool session at Coco's before heading over to our neighbor's for a cookout. Stryker enjoyed the slip n slide with friends (twin girls) while we munched on good food/snacks.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

LakeLynn: 7 & 8 months old

Baby girl, you have really changed in the past couple of months. We'll be headed to the beach in a few weeks & I know you will have a blast. Your next check-up will be at 9 months so we'll reveal your stats after that appt.

*experienced the worst sickness thus far: double ear infections, yeast infection on neck, thrush, & stomach virus - all at the same time (you never ran a fever or fussy, my tough girl)
*still only on 6oz bottles every 3-6 hours during the day
*eats a full 2nd foods container twice a day & LOVES food
*reaches for our food all of the time
*sleeps all night on her tummy in her crib
*continues to HATE naps during the day - will do absolutely anything to stay awake
*wears size 3 diapers
*wears mostly 9 month clothes
*loves to be outside
*still admires big brother Stryker
*loves the water - baths or pool
*beginning to crawl & standing while holding onto something
*still loves her paci
*momma's girl
*high maintenance!!! (I love you with all my heart but I could never handle another girl!)

Be still my heart

This is how I roll

Stryker always goes for the older women! Have my hands full in the future!

First swim of the year

Coco moved several weeks ago to Kimberly. Her subdivision has an amazing pool that is extremely kid-friendly. It has a big walk-in pool with a little baby pool nearby. The swimming pool even has a waterfall for the kids. There is a cool park & open field behind the pool. What a fun time we had at Coco's house! We will be spending a lot of time there this summer.