Monday, September 30, 2013

Hotty Toddy girls

7 year wedding anniversary

September 19, 2006 will forever be a memorable day! Logan & I were married at Mountain View Gardens & Ballroom in Springville, AL. 7 years later, our marriage continues to remain strong. "Love is a feeling. Marriage is a contract. Relationship is work."

Stryker's 1st soccer game

Saturday, Sept. 18th Stryker had his very first soccer game. He was extremely proud of his uniform & wanted to show it off before heading to the field. Individual & team pics were scheduled an hour prior to game time. He smiled with pride the entire time. Logan filmed the game since Coco had to work - he was excited to watch himself on t.v. that night with Coco & show her how well he played. Grandmomma came to the game. Stryker ended up playing the majority of the game since a couple of teammates were timid to leave the sidelines. This age is an experience to watch! Stryker scored 3 goals - one of them being the last goal of the game! Way to go buddy!! After the game, the parents/spectators & coaches made a tunnel for the players to run through. What a fun morning!

7 yr wedding anniversary kick-off

Happy 7 Year Wedding Anniversary!!! I was blessed 7 years ago on Sept. 19th, 2006 to marry my best friend who has been my rock. What did my hubs surprise me with on Friday after work (I only work 1/2 day on Fridays so we had the rest of the day)? Golf, of course!!! My hubs should win hubby of the year with a perfect surprise like that. I know, other husbands are jealous that Logan has a wife who has a passion for golf & would rather play than enjoy a boring day of shopping! Logan arranged Coco to pick the kiddos up from school so we could play a round at Vestavia Country Club before heading to dinner. I haven't been able to play a complete round of golf in close to 4 years due to pregnancies & work obligations. But, I've still got it! Beat hubs by 7 strokes. I shot 80 with #2-9 being pars. I missed driving 2 greens (par 4s) by less than 25 ft & missed an eagle (par 5) by inches - picture below. We had a great time being together (yes, we actually rode in the same cart). Logan was given his gift - 2 Nike pants & a golf shirt - before leaving the course. The Cheesecake Factory was our choice for dinner since we were starving & the close proximity. The weather was cool so we sat outside on the patio. It was different to eat a meal by ourselves without kiddos allowing us to look at one another & have a conversation. We stuffed our tummies & then headed for a walk around the Summit. Our fun gift was buying an iron (ours broke & I have to iron everything), a humidifier for Stryker's room, & a bed skirt. What fun anniversary gifts! Logan wanted to take me to Dick's Sporting Goods so I could pick out a running outfit but I opted to get back home to the kiddos. I missed them & wanted to put them to sleep. Thank you Coco for allowing us the opportunity to celebrate our anniversary early. Side note: we celebrated early because Stryker had soccer pics & game Saturday morning, Ole Miss vs AL football game Saturday night, church & Pampered Chef party Sunday afternoon. Logan, I greatly appreciate all you have done for our family. You have blessed me these past 7 years & I look forward to many more years together. Love you forever.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stryker & Lake's school pics

Stryker & Lake had school pictures made on Tuesday, Sept. 17th (2 days before Lake turned 1 year old). The pictures were precious & priceless as usual.

Stryker: 3 years, 7 months, 2 days old
LakeLynn: almost 1 year old 

Future LPGA golfer?

LakeLynn: 1 y/o birthday beach bash

Splish Splash...let's have a birthday beach bash!
LakeLynn's 1st Birthday!
Saturday, September 21st
10:00 am
Lake's Sandbar
RSVP: Lifeguard Mom

The original plans had to be altered a little due to the rainy morning weather. Logan had to build Lake's sandbar inside our back patio so the kiddos could enjoy the beach dry - but hey, it always rains sometime at the beach! A special thanks to Coco for keeping the kiddos busy while Logan built the beach & mowed the lawn Friday since I worked 1/2 day before running last minute errands. Coco also came early Saturday morning to help with the kiddos again while I decorated the house & Logan picked up the balloons. I have definitely decided that parties for boys are much easier than parties for girls! Well, at least for me! Logan & Coco increased my confidence by all the compliments regarding my decoration skills as well as the tiniest details. Logan, you did an amazing job on the beach & were a big help throughout the party for keeping the kiddos entertained. The yummy strawberry cake & strawberry smash cake were from none other than our talented baker Vicki Stoves. She has sealed the deal for our #1 cake lady! LakeLynn had several wonderful friends come to help us celebrate her special day. The kiddos enjoyed playing in the sand & then running around in the rain. Yes, this OCD mom actually let wet, sandy kids run through our home. There's nothing that better than the sound of kids laughing, seeing them smile, & knowing they are having a blast just being kids. Lake wasn't sure what to think about the sand but still enjoyed playing & walking. Everyone snacked on a fruit/cheese/chicken salad try in the shape of a beach ball along with lemonade & sweet tea. Lake was changed into bloomers before sitting down for her smash cake moment. Logan & I held her hands while "Happy Birthday" filled the room. Stryker helped her blow the candle out. She slowly dug a couple of fingertips in the icing but was hesitant to smash into the cake! Finally, she figured out how to get some cake & wanted to feed it to me along with a couple of others! After a few minutes, she decided to stand in the high chair which caused her elbow to hit the cake. Oh no, she was not having anymore! Crying began & she was wiped down. Hey, you need some crying pics right?! I opened her presents (located in the wagon Coco gave her) while Lake played with each toy in front of me. We greatly appreciate all of the gifts & for everyone who came to help us celebrate our daughter's 1st birthday. Party favors included sunglasses & bubbles. After the party, Coco & Logan did a wonderful job on getting the sand off the floor. Coco helped me clean up the decorations & put the house back in order. Logan made sure all boxes/trash were thrown away. The balloons located by the door leading to the beach were compliments of my friend who co-owns Bama Balloons. I am completely blessed to have my daughter turn the big O-N-E!! Can't wait to see what this next year holds!!