Monday, August 27, 2012

Random Stryker pics & videos

On Friday, Stryker was actually calm. I'm willing to bet he didn't get a good nap at school.

He wanted to lie on his nap sack & watch cartoons.

He plays hard until he passes out, which can be anywhere.

This weekend, we finished preparing for LakeLynn to arrive. Stryker was helping me clean LakeLynn's car seat base.

Logan trying to piece the car seat cushions together.

Boxing with daddy

wrestling with daddy (Stryker sounds like the boy who got his tongue stuck to the pole in The Christmas Story when he says uncle)


playing rough as usual

Stryker: 2 1/2 years old

Little man, you are now 2 1/2 years old!
You're growing up extremely too fast as every parent says. You are still are little boy though. We love you more & more each day. Thank you for bringing joy to our family.

Below are some pictures that were graciously taken by our talented neighbor (he will be taking maternity pics later for us as well as newborn pics when LakeLynn is born) - please let me know if you would like his contact info since he is cheap & takes exceptionally great pictures!

always a ball in hand

playing on his fort


cuts his eyes

learning from dad

you're the light in our eyes, little guy

soon I'll have 2 to help up the rock wall

loves to be the center of attention

love my little buddy

such a happy boy

my 2 favorite guys

my precious family

running to momma

You're always amazing us with your new skills & curiosity. Can't wait to see how you react with your baby sister in the coming months.
  • still rather be outside than inside
  • hates naps
  • sleeps throughout night
  • counts 1-10 
  • knows several colors
  • loves the water (of any kind: swimming pool, bath, shower)
  • wants to shut & lock doors when coming & going
  • helps to dress self
  • hates diaper changes
  • rather wear underwear than a diaper - thank goodness
  • wears underwear throughout days & most naps, but wears a diaper at night
  • gets a little jealous when doing a lot to prepare for LakeLynn
  • likes to hug & kiss mom & dad all the time
  • likes to kiss & hug my belly while saying "love you baby Lake"
  • watches Sprout & Disney Junior channels
  • testing boundaries (you're a little stubborn)
  • making friends at school
  • homebody - prefers home to any other place
  • wants to be the center of attention but will keep his self entertained when needed
  • talks non-stop, using sentences
  • helps with housework or yard work - wants to mimic anything mom or dad does

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sleeping Buddy

Little man goes & goes until he passes out in exhaustion...

sleeping in our bed

After a fun weekend (as always), he was sitting in our living room chair eating an apple. The next thing we noticed was the apple lying on the floor & Stryker sound asleep. If you're thinking this lasted long, you're wrong! He got his quick 15 min power nap & was back at it again!

Stryker's Meet the Teacher

August 16th was "Meet the Teacher" at Stryker's school. He is in the same 2 year old classroom with his same friends (Austin, Noah, & Tate; Addie moved up). Stryker was definitely confused on why we were going to school at night but quickly wanted to show us his classroom & friends when he realized we were not staying! His teachers made each child a cupcake which he shared with daddy.

telling daddy about the chocolate cupcake with sprinkles

coloring while the teacher spoke to the parents
Side note: Noah, Austin, & Stryker are all at different tables - wonder why??!!!

his class schedule - so excited about Bible verse learning this year!

Work Baby Shower

Joint Baby Girl Shower at work!! My wonderful co-workers gave the 2 mommas-to-be a great shower on Thursday, Aug. 16th. No detail was left out...yummy food (homemade sandwiches, chips, cheese dip, veggies, nuts, mints, cake, cupcakes, chocolate fountain for strawberries/pound cake/marshmallows, milkshakes) & gifts.

The 2 mommas: me & Shelley (it's funny how small the world is...I graduated a year ahead of Shelley's sister & now we're working together)
Shelley is due 10 days ahead of me & we're both having baby girls.

entirely too many gifts - a huge thank you to everyone for their generosity

just a few of my co-workers: Benita, Carolyn, me & LakeLynn, Valarie, Pam

evidence of Pam carrying my gifts to the car - if you only knew how much she does not know about children!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Walking in your shoes...

Never a dull moment with Stryker around!

walking in daddy's shoes

walking in mom's shoes

likes to brush his teeth now but has to stand on his step in front of his mirror

nightly routine: snuggling with mom while I count LakeLynn's movements (I tell him all the time that it never took him long to count his movements)

Snuggle Buddy

LakeLynn update!!

God blessed us with another wonderful doctor's appointment this morning! I can't express the way it makes us feel to see our doctor smile & his excitement on how well this pregnancy is progressing! We were able to get a 4D ultrasound before seeing the doctor. Below, you can definitely tell how similar LakeLynn & Stryker look. Unlike Stryker, she does not move as much (maybe she'll be laid back) & sucks her thumb. We spent the first 15 minutes trying to get her to move her hand/arm away from her face. She was snuggled with head down towards my left hip. She would constantly suck her thumb while playing with her feet.

such a sweet picture (looks like she has my nose, mouth, cheeks, lips & has Logan's chin)

Stryker would open his mouth this same way! Little bird mouth!

love her even more

sticking her tongue out

love her profile 

her face is starting to get blocked by her hand/arm

her big foot (sorry LakeLynn, you get this from both your mom & dad)

LakeLynn's room update

After BabyPalooza, we met Logan for lunch. Then jetted off to Wee Peat Boutique (my favorite consignment store) since Coco hasn't been yet. 

Stryker modeling LakeLynn's growth chart (a gift from Coco)

Another gift from Coco: a brand new piece from Pottery Barn Kids ($100 less at Wee Peat! - what a bargain) that will be hanging over the chair; it's hard to tell in picture but it has our green color ribbon with white flowers & our purple color center on flower

I'm positive this little girl has enough clothes! Sizes newborn to 3 months.

sizes 3 months to 12 months; Boys are easier than girls - I can already tell.

2012 BabyPalooza

Coco, Stryker, & I went to the 2012 BabyPalooza this past Saturday while Logan was working. Stryker really enjoyed dancing to music, playing on the firetruck, & jumping around in the inflatables outside.

notice: Stryker found a baseball bat on the firetruck to play with

Monday, August 6, 2012

Fun with friends

Saturday afternoon we enjoyed some much needed friend time. Nick & Stacy along with their daughter Lucy (only a few months younger than Stryker) invited us to their new house! Nick & Logan kept the kids entertained while we went shopping for our daughters. For anyone who truly knows me, I took Stacy because I'm not a good shopper. That's what Logan, Coco, & other friends are for, right?! I introduced Stacy to Wee-Peat, a consignment store on 280. About 3 wks ago, I dropped off a huge rubbermaid bin full of Stryker's clothes, shoes, etc. I was surprised to find out that my account had $44 which is after the one-time $10 consignment seller fee!! I was able to buy a bag full of clothes for LakeLynn & Stryker, paying only $3 after using my store credit! Now, I was very proud of myself. Stacy then introduced me to Forever Young on 280. Her mom knows the owners & had heard they were getting rid of their store in order to participate only in shows. They are only open 2 more wks so hurry out there to check them out. I found Stryker a shirt (~40% off) & 2 water bottles ($1 each). LakeLynn got a Dr. Brown's bottle (50cents), an outfit (50% off), & a t-shirt ($7). Pretty proud of myself again. Thank you Stacy for the hooded towel/blanket for LakeLynn as well as the bag of Lucy's clothes you let me borrow for LakeLynn! We headed back to Stacy's house while we were ahead! Stryker & Lucy had already gone swimming, watched a movie (part of one thanks to my hyper son), eaten a snack, & played inside. Stacy made some yummy dip (pinterest recipe). Nick grilled hamburgers & hot dogs. After an early dinner, we ate homemade ice cream (another pinterest recipe). Lucy was already asleep on the couch by the time we left. Stryker fell asleep for maybe 20 min on the way home but was wide awake until about 10pm. That boy has so much energy! I'm thankful to have friends like the Hellands & that our children play so well together.

Lucy & Stryker eating snacks during the movie

Pool time!

Lucy teaching Stryker how to care for a baby

2012 Summer Olympics & more

We've been watching the 2012 Summer Olympics (London)! I love competition! Stryker has enjoyed imitating the games. Can you guess what sport he's competing in below?


Some recent pics below:

my snuggle buddy (he's not still very often so I get every chance I can) - he fought taking a nap & Logan told him to be good for mom; after a few minutes of talking to Logan, he fell fast asleep

helping daddy cook apple glazed pork chops

This look says it all! Always into something!

Telling me his friends at school: Noah (Nooo-aaahh), Austin (Alton), Addie (Aaddieeee), & Tate
These kids are all blondes! I love to hear him talk about them after school!