Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Music City Bowl 2013

Hotty Toddy!!! Monday, December 30th Coco & I enjoyed a trip to the Music City Bowl in Nashville, TN - compliments of Logan as a Christmas gift. I met Logan in Cullman (he was helping install a project at the hospital) with Stryker & Lake before heading north. We arrived at the Titans stadium by 12:30pm - game time 2:15pm. It was already chilly but we came prepared with a heavy blanket & warm clothes. We walked around the stadium for a few minutes, bought shirts, & then found our seats. Can I just say what an amazing husband I have?!!! Our seats were splitting the 50 yd line & only 20 rows up from the field! I could read the names on the jerseys & watch the injured players get treated - yes, even with my bad eyesight! The game was an intense one but our Rebels pulled it out against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets!! Hotty Toddy!!!! 2013 Music City Bowl Champions (25-17) - bring on the 2014 season...

Sunday afternoon playtime

This past Sunday afternoon, Logan worked around the house along with removing the rest of the Christmas decorations. I was able to spend some quality alone time with Stryker & LakeLynn. As you can see below, we were all over the house playing with all kinds of toys. Don't laugh at my attempt at building a pirate ship...at least my son thought it was the perfect ship!

Play date w/ the Helland's

We had the opportunity to host Stacy, Nick, & Lucy (along with baby boy Helland due in June) at our home. The kiddos spent time in the bouncy house, building lego objects, playing dinosaurs, eating pizza & cupcakes. After a few hours, we all headed to the Galleria. The dads took the kiddos to Build a Bear & to ride the carousel. Stacy & I shopped for a little bit before meeting up at the Great American Cookie Company. The ride home was spent with all the kiddos asleep. What a fun afternoon with wonderful friends.

Santa came! - part 3

Christmas Day was finished with a family "snowball" fight in the bouncy house followed by bath time! I am truly blessed.

Santa came! - part 2

Early afternoon on Christmas Day, we headed over to Coco's to play outside. We strolled to the park (Coco & I pushed Lake, Lake pushed her toy part of the way, Stryker rode his 4 wheeler, Fletch rode his bicycle, & Logan walked/ran alongside Stryker) for almost 2 hours. Stryker, Fletch, & Logan found a trail to off-road! It was a great few hours. 

Santa came! - part 1

Christmas Eve night, after putting Lake to sleep, Stryker helped me prepare for Santa. He decided against his original plans (chocolate & french fries for Santa, a piece of pie for the reindeer) thank goodness & settled for brownies that I made on Monday. He sat on the counter gobbling down brownies while instructing me to only leave Santa 2 very small brownies. We sat the plate of brownies & a mug of milk. Then, Stryker asked me to please move the fireplace screen out of the way so that Santa would not bump into it & not leave presents! Oh the thought processes of a child! I moved the screen aside & we headed off to pile in the big bed with daddy. Logan took Stryker to his bed & came down laughing. Logan informed me that Stryker had shown him the brownies for Santa but decided Santa only needed 1 brownie so he ate the other 1. I'm glad Santa at least got 1 small brownie! I ended up putting Santa's gifts together myself because Stryker wouldn't stay asleep due to the excitement meaning Logan laid with him most of the night. The next morning I woke early as always. I am definitely the kid in the family! I was about to go wake up the kiddos because I couldn't stand it any longer, when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Logan & I ran down the hallway so we could watch Stryker's reaction to...
Santa coming to the Green house!!!!!
Lake slept about 45 min longer so we enjoyed quality time with little man. We played with his monster truck track & legos that Santa left. Lake was confused at the beginning but quickly realized there were toys!!! She enjoyed playing with the cell phone that Santa left, singing & dancing to the music. Coco & Fletch showed up in time to see all the ripping of wrapping paper off the presents. Stryker received baseball gear (baseball glove, bat, balls, & tee) & remote control firetruck (Stryker figured out the hose actually shoots water which we were not aware of). Lake received a teddy bear (sings, dances, reads, etc) & 2 musical books. They received a joint gift which was an inflatable bouncy house. We snacked on Dunkin Donuts - compliments of Fletch. Later that morning, Stryker helped Coco & me in the kitchen making our special coffee cake, scrambled eggs, sausage, & bacon. Stryker even squeezed in dancing with Coco on the counter! The kiddos also received a spin, bounce type see saw. Logan really enjoyed putting that together! It was another great Christmas morning!