Tuesday, March 31, 2015

DIY projects

Hubs decided to complete 2 DIY projects this past weekend - painting fireplace mantle & master bedroom furniture.

The finished products are absolutely amazing!!!! Always proud of what my hubs can do.

Baseball practice

Logan's statement of sitting this year out as a coach due to coaching obligations as Stryker gets older lasted...
1/2 a practice! And this happened:
I personally like Logan coaching & seeing the bond daddy/son have on the field!

Stryker taught LakeLynn how to run bases after practice.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


One of our neighbors built shelves in their garage. Stryker & Lake made sure it was strong!

Stryker 5 year old check up

Stryker turned 5 years old on Feb. 15th.

His 5 year old check up was not until Friday, March 27th.
weight = 40 lbs (45th percentile)
length = 44 in (75th percentile)

Can't believe our little boy has reached over 50th percentile in length!! He has really shot up this year!

We began the morning with a stop at Dunkin Donuts in Homewood for breakfast. The check up went fast & Stryker was even able to copy the top drawings from the pediatrician as well as write his name. Dr. McCain is our favorite pediatrician ever! Stryker & Lake adore her. Definitely makes seeing the doctor easier.

After 4 shots, we left to visit Coco at her work. Stryker was able to learn a few putting skills from Zac! We had a great day with perfect weather!

food - spaghetti with chicken & cheese (no tomato sauce)
drink - chocolate milk
dessert - fudge covered graham crackers
show - Paw Patrol
movie - Finding Nemo
friends - Noah, Josh, Brody
color - red & blue
letter - S
number - 5

12 shoes
4T shorts (only if has adjustable waist)
6T shirts

Easter party

Unfortunately, Logan & I were unable to attend Stryker & Lake's Easter parties at school. Thankfully, I received a couple of pictures from his teacher.

Matching cuties

Another practice

Logan just thought he would sit out coaching to enjoy it until Stryker got older. That lasted about 5 min. Then, Logan was out there in the middle of it! I loved seeing my husband coaching our son. Special moments & bonding time. 

Little helpers

1st official practice

Stryker's T-ball team practices every Monday night & Saturday morning. Saturday practices will be replaced by games starting April 11th. Stryker was so excited to begin baseball. Logan unfortunately missed today due to work meetings. But, Coco was there to help Lake & me cheer on Stryker! At the end of practice, the coach took the players in order to ask for prayer requests along with a little "get to know" session. Stryker told everyone his name, "strawberries" for his favorite food, & then started explaining every tiny detail of a Spiderman movie when the coach asked what his favorite movie/show/game was. He wouldn't stop talking so I had to ask him nicely to let the other players talk. Guess, Stryker's not shy!