Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013: part 3

The weather turned out beautiful after returning home & feeding baby girl. So, we decided to play outside. Logan hung the baby swing up & Lake loved it! Logan & I took turns pushing little girl while the other played ball or chase with Stryker. Yes, the dogs (Kuma & Tara) enjoyed the fun too!

Easter 2013: part 2

Happy Easter everyone!! May you remember the true meaning of this special holiday. It was His ultimate sacrifice that has washed our sins away. He is Risen!!! Sometimes, the world focuses so much on the material things such as eggs, toys, baskets, etc. forgetting the real reason for this amazing holiday. Our children woke up to our loving arms saying "Happy Easter" & excitement of celebrating our King at our wonderful church. Our hope is to continue teaching them about our Savior. We headed to Cullman but stopped on the way to pick up Coco & Fletch. Desperation Church's service was like none other, as always. I love to see everyone on fire for God. We had our taste buds prepared for some yummy All Steak food but was quickly disappointed when we saw they were closed. Logan's Roadhouse was the closest stop for our hungry bunch. We enjoyed some food before heading back to Coco's. Unfortunately, our stay was cut short when we found out Lake's formula dispenser was left at the church. But not before receiving Easter presents for the kiddos (scooter for Stryker & a rolling toy for Lake) & playing outside. We were so looking forward to an egg hunt at Coco's neighborhood park but Lake would be getting hungry soon.

Easter 2013: part 1

Happy Easter everyone! Saturday morning & afternoon was spent in Cullman at our church's egg drop. Stryker was thrilled again to see the helicopter drop the eggs. This year he ran all over the place gathering eggs. He understood the concept of surprises being in the eggs! He was so sweet to share an egg with sister. Love to watch their special bond. Lake wasn't sure about the helicopter's wind blowing in her face. She felt safe after I held her close with her blanket blocking the wind from her face. After the egg drop, we enjoyed time playing at the playground & inflatables. We had a delicious (late) lunch at Johnny's Bar B Q. Always a treat when in Cullman. Both kiddos fell asleep quickly in the car. Poor LakeLynn felt under the weather after getting her 6 month shots the day before. We had a wonderful day in the sunshine which ended in rain as we drove home. After a nap, we all spent some time on the front porch. Lake loved swinging & watching Stryker play baseball. Swinging left handed, he would nail the ball to the tree & made it to the street several times! A smash isn't complete without sprinting to first base! Love my little ball player.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Uncle Jon's 29th birthday party

Happy 29th birthday Jon!!! Enjoy your last year in your 20s! I'll let you know how the big 3-0 is my friend. Aunt Barbara & Uncle Steve invited everyone over for a get together. Really cherish our visits with Uncle Jon & Aunt Holli since they live in Kentucky. We're already missing y'all (even though Lake cried at the sight of Jon).

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Brother - Sister Love

Stryker wanted baby Lake to lie with him in his crib. Such sweet moments.

LakeLynn: 6 months

Halfway to your big 1st birthday, baby girl! We continue to enjoy all of your new milestones & watching the beautiful little girl/sister you have become. You turned 6 months on March 19th but didn't have your check-up until March 29th. Stryker helped me take you; he's always excited to see Dr. McCain! Daddy had to meet us there since he was at work (yes, unfortunately, he had to work on Good Friday). You received 2 shots in each thigh & an oral medication. You only cried for a few minutes & then fell fast asleep. McCain said you looked great & didn't have to come back until your 9 month check-up. Baby girl, we love you & can't wait to see what's in store for our family of four.

6 month stats:
14 lbs 15 oz (25th percentile)
26 1/4 in (50th percentile)

You began eating baby food a few weeks ago (1x/day). There was no getting use to it. You were hooked from the first bite! You have tried several foods. You like green beans, sweet peas, sweet potatoes, applesauce, & carrots. You do not like bananas & peaches. We'll see what foods you continue to like & dislike in the future. Dr. McCain approved feeding you baby food 2x/day as long as you continue to have the same amounts of formula.

New this month:
*ready to play the minute you wake, no matter the time of day or night
*would rather be jumping in your bouncy seat than anywhere else
*want to be held & talked to as much as possible
*sleeps in nap nanny
*drinks 6oz formula every 4-5 hours
*wears mostly 6-9 & 9 month clothes
*wears size 3 diapers
*still LOVES Stryker
*wants to be sitting up in the stroller so she can play & see what's going on
*still fighting sleep (kicks, babbles, screams, rubs eyes, arches back just to keep herself awake)
*sleeps the majority of the night
*tummy time includes pushing up higher with hands & lifting butt in the air before taking steps with feet causing a nose dive since the arms have yet to move forward
*beginning to recognize name
*smiles so big when you say "pretty girl"
*continues to rolls from rummy to back but not from back to tummy
*still mama's girl
*sleeping throughout night for the most part
*can sit independently for several seconds (well, if you decide & we don't make you!)

Sunday, March 17, 2013