Thursday, January 30, 2014


Saturday, Jan. 25th

It's that time again...welcome to the circus!! We had amazing seats - only 4 rows from the floor! Stryker & Lake were wide eyed the entire show! It was a special time to make memories as a family. Already looking forward to next year.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Kept busy while daddy away: day 2

Today was day 2 of daddy's trip. We took early morning baths (since Stryker & Lake fell asleep in the car last night on way home from Coco's) before playing with all kinds of toys in the house. Stryker & Lake found a "rainbow" on our dining room floor from the window. Stryker enjoyed teaching Lake how to play with the dump trucks. LakeLynn went down for her morning 9:00ish nap but Stryker kept asking if she really had to go to sleep b/c he was having so much fun with Baby Lake! They are starting to really enjoy playing together. Stryker pedaled his tricycle around the house almost the whole time Lake was asleep (she took a 2 hour nap). Guess his leg muscles will be strong! The weather was even nicer than yesterday so we decided to go back to Coco's (even though she was at work) to play outside. Fletch enjoyed being outside with us. Stryker rode his 4-wheeler, tractor, & bicycle. He liked racing Lake but quickly learned to cut us off! Stryker was a good big brother & rode Lake on the tractor. Stryker & Lake kicked & threw soccer balls around in the yard. After all that playing, they needed a water break & then ate Fletch's ice to cool off! We jumped in the inflatable after getting home. I also caught the two munchkins playing in their hideout ("hall closet") while I made dinner. Day 2 complete with exhausted kiddos again! We miss you daddy & wish you were already home. Sure going to miss these little ones when I go to work tomorrow. I'll have to make tomorrow night special for them since I'll be gone during the day.

Kept busy while daddy away: day 1

Logan left for a business trip in Las Vegas so I'm enjoying some mommy & little one time. We sure do hate when daddy has to leave but insist on keeping ourselves busy. Yesterday, the Birmingham Zoo was on our agenda. Stryker led the way while LakeLynn actually rode in the stroller the entire time! Both of them behaved well & had a wonderful time! We enjoyed a late lunch at Chick-fil-a before visiting Coco at work. Since the weather was nice, we took a golf cart ride around the par 3 course. We spent dinner at Coco's house playing & eating pizza. Day 1 complete with kiddos exhausted!

Waffles for my loves

Surprised Logan, Stryker, & LakeLynn with waffles for breakfast. I made them before heading to work early one morning. It makes me so happy to do things for my family, even if I don't get to see their reaction like this particular morning.

Special time

Saturday, January 4th was spent together before the boys went to Monster Jam at the BJCC. The morning begun with waffles for breakfast. Stryker enjoyed helping me stir the mix. Lunch was baking in the oven with our two little ones peeking through the window! Stryker has now started requesting the oven light to be on when I'm cooking so he can watch it for me. Love that little boy! I surprised Logan & Stryker with tickets just like last year! It's a great bonding time for them. It also gives the girls some mommy & daughter bonding time! The second picture is Lake playing peek-a-boo behind Stryker's sunglasses!

Bring on a new year!!

Out with 2013, in with 2014!! New year & continued blessings! Life may be difficult sometimes but God is still by our sides & blessing us more than we ever deserve. Cannot wait to enjoy another year with my family. Logan & I were both off work for the start of the new year so we took advantage of the time. We headed to Coco's house (nobody was home) for a little outside time before Lake's morning nap. During naptime, Logan picked up our spinning bike! I have wanted one for a long time but never found one that was cheap enough in my opinion. This bike was brand new for less than $200!! It was listed on Craigslist at Gardendale's Flea Market which is only about 10 min from our house! Great deal! I tried it out for the rest of naptime. Afterwards, we headed to Homewood Park for some fun! It always brings back memories of my childhood when Coco took me there countless times. Dinner was spent at my favorite Chinese place in Homewood before heading home to curl up on the bed & then down for the night. Yes, I stayed up to spin! Happy New Year!!! May God bless you each day & may you put Him first!