Sunday, February 28, 2016

Car packed & off we go!!!

Thursday (Feb. 4th)
Logan & I worked 1/2 days before coming home to pack the car. Coco brought the kiddos home around 4:30pm. With Stryker & Lake sitting on the living room couch & eyes closed, a bag was placed on the floor. Upon opening of their little eyes, hands were diving in the bag to find out our destination...

Off we went...spent the night in Valdosta, GA (only for a few hours) before leaving early Friday morning to make it to Disney World. Logan had a business conference in Orlando, FL which allowed a perfect reason for a vacation. Our vacation was paid over about 8 months & would highly recommend the amazing travel agent - Candace Coggin in Birmingham, AL. She had our entire vacation planned with our suggestions which included fast passes for the busiest places, activities which both our kiddos were tall enough for, & restaurants which included Disney characters along with amazing atmospheres. 

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Stryker - Dinner Theater

The kindergarten classes at CEC performed a dinner theater for a fundraiser. It was absolutely priceless!! Stryker was center stage during Baa Baa Black Sheep song. It was a rap version which Stryker sang & performed the motions like a true rapper! We are a proud of the extras that the CEC does in order to make the preschool & kindergarten years are memorable.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Feet growing

With ever-growing feet, we definitely keep The Shoe Dept. in business.

Logan & Courtney having big feet = Stryker & LakeLynn having big feet

Bowling with Collin

100th day of school

100th day of school celebration for Stryker!

The kindergarten classes had to wear a shirt with 100 items & went to the Dollar Tree for a field trip! I took Stryker to a few stores to pick 100 items for his shirt & a huge thank you to Coco for actually sewing each item to his shirt! Stryker had chosen multi-colored rubber bands, army men, bugs, & Ninja Turtle stickers. Stryker was thrilled that his shirt had actual items while others had the items painted/drawn on the shirt.


Northwestern Champions Dinner

Northwestern Champion Awards Dinner
Saturday, January 23rd
The Florentine, Birmingham

My hubs received the following awards in only 10 months: Pacesetter 40 & #6 New Rep in Southern Region!!!

Proud of you hubs!!! But, I don't need an awards banquet to ensure the worth ethic that you bestow. Keep up the hard work & continue achieving, Mr. Rhino!!!!!

Go Spurs