Monday, June 21, 2010

Mommy turns 27!

Happy Birthday Mommy! My 27th birthday was today. Logan's original plans were a dinner date (first time without Stryker) on Sunday to celebrate both Father's Day & my birthday. These plans were changed to eating a late lunch/early supper with Stryker at Red Lobster on Father's Day. Since my birthday fell on a week day, we really could not celebrate much. Logan woke me up with a smiling Stryker. They each gave me a card which meant the world to me. Coco kept Stryker while Logan & I both worked. Logan, unfortunately, had to work a very long day. He got off in time to eat some Dairy Queen birthday cake at Fletch's with everybody. I enjoyed family time even more the presents: iPhone 4, pajamas, & lamp. Family is an important to me. Thank you for a good birthday! Love you all.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

I have a special person in my life that deserves a wonderful first Father's Day! Logan, you have truly been an amazing father. You will be the role model that I could only dream of for our child. Each day, Stryker reminds me more & more of you. This is a blessing & would not want him to be influenced by anyone else. The Bible teaches us that men are the spiritual leader of the house. You have been a strong Christian leader in our lives. Thank you for working long hours to support your family, loving us unconditionally, providing emotional support, being family-oriented, etc. I also need to add what a hot hubby you are! Love you forever Log/Daddy. The morning started out with breakfast in bed (maybe in the future, Stryker can help me). We all enjoyed a morning playing in bed. All the fun caused Stryker & Logan to take a nap. The picture above is how they fell asleep. They look so cute together. We had a delicious lunch at Red Lobster followed by looking at some houses. The rest of the day was spent relaxing as a family at home. Logan received a card from Stryker that had his precious little voice recorded on it. I gave Logan a card & pipes for his truck. Happy Father's Day Logan! Hope it was memorable.

Uncle Cody & Aunt Loren's wedding weekend

We're going to the chapel for a wedding! Stryker's Uncle Cody (Logan's brother) & Aunt Loren Ashbaugh (Cody's fiance) got married. Logan was the best man while I was a bridesmaid. Logan took off work Friday to help with best man duties. Stryker & I met Logan that afternoon for the rehearsal. The wedding party met for rehearsal at the church followed by a country cookout of ribs & chicken at Cody & Loren's house in Springville. Logan was emotional giving his speech to the bride & groom. He was so proud of his joke regarding, "the Green boys can't make up their minds & end up marrying their first loves." Logan & I dated while I was in high school. We re-united after 5 1/2 yrs of not seeing or speaking to each other & married. Cody & Loren have a similar story. They dated in high school, then re-united few yrs later, & married. A band played some great music outside on the deck. It was a laid-back, casual rehearsal dinner. The next day, June 19th, was the wedding day. We met the wedding party for pictures at Heritage Country Club in Oneonta early that afternoon. We were skeptical with a young child due to the thunderstorm that came through that morning, but the day turned out to be a little cooler & sunny. The wedding was held at Union Hill Baptist Church in Oneonta at 5:30pm. During the ceremony, memories from our marriage kept running through my mind. I had the best looking boys in the wedding (if I say so myself)! After the wedding, we loaded up to head to Heritage Country Club for the reception. It was a long 2 days but worth it.

Our family at the reception

Stryker with his cousin Hunter Dickie

We make the cutest family!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

4 months old

Stryker turned 4 months old today!! Logan & I took him to his 4 month check-up. He weighed 13 lbs 11 oz (30th percentile) & 24 in long (20th percentile). He's growing so fast! The pediatrician said Stryker was developing well. He had 4 shots at the end of the appointment. He cried & got mad but was quickly consoled in mommy's arms. The pediatrician agreed with the possibility of a corrective helmet. She also wanted us to start baby rice cereal trials. The picture above shows our first attempt at spoon feeding rice cereal. He loved it! Well, he liked getting messy. He gets rice cereal mixed with formula once a day for 2 wks before moving onto oatmeal mixed with formula. Stryker likes it some nights while other nights he spits it out. Logan & I enjoy feeding him together.

New abilities:

  • grabs at things such as our mouth

  • holds onto things such as a straw

  • loves to sit up

  • hates to lay down now

  • fights sleep during the day, but still sleeps all night

  • nightly routine - eat cereal, bath, bottle, fall asleep in daddy's arms while sitting in recliner

  • loves to talk - "momma", "ba ba"

  • stands with support under arms

  • pushes self around on back by kicking feet & legs
  • likes baseball (watching it on tv or in person)
  • loves to hear people talk to him (good listener, hope it continues!)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Words you can't imagine hearing

"Something's possibly wrong with our child" - words you can't imagine hearing. I took Stryker to Hanger for his head scan this afternoon. Logan was hard at work & would try to meet us there later. A stocking was fitted to his head & a hand-held scanner took images of his head. He was such a good boy patiently allowing them to make 4 scans. A computer program displayed the images along with measurements. The results are in & were devastating to me. Stryker's head shape abnormality was 7.3 mm (normal = 2-4 mm) & 16% off normal. After hearing those words, I did not hear the rest of what she was saying. All I could think about is how we had overcome so many odds from 30 wks of pregnancy until now. Having a preemie, you only pray to have a healthy child. This was the first devastating news that I had heard since thinking Stryker was going to be born at 30 wks. In my career as both a respiratory therapist & a physical therapist, I have been involved with patient cases where this one could not compare to the emotional turmoil those parents go through. But, parents never want anything wrong with their child. The rest of the appointment was spent trying to fight back tears & be strong for my family. Thankfully, Logan walked in at this point. He held Stryker while the lady went through the scan results again. A corrective helmet is recommended if a child is at 6 mm or greater on head shape abnormality. The child has to be 6 months of age. Stryker is 4 months; therefore, we will be returning for a follow-up head scan on July 26th. If the abnormality is still greater than 6 mm, then he will be fitted for a corrective helmet. The helmet is worn 23 hrs/day for around 4 months. Hanger informed us that it's always harder on the parents than the children. At least he won't remember wearing it, but I will. We're trying everything possible to prevent the helmet: laying on left side, feeding him in our right arm, stretching, sitting & tummy time as much as possible, limiting car seat time, no laying in swings, etc. Prayer is a powerful thing. We pray that Stryker will be healthy now & in the future. We also pray that he does not have to wear the helmet but if he does, we can be strong enough to handle our little boy wearing it. Each trail in life, God is teaching us something.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Second PT session

We had our second physical therapy appointment for Stryker this afternoon. Our efforts have been improving his right upper trapezius muscle tightness slightly. The PT informed us that Stryker is holding his head upright better as well as developing normally. She suggested we get a head scan to monitor his head shape abnormality. We quickly made an appointment with Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics. Guess, we'll wait to get those results. Stryker did not roll over for Jane (the PT) but he enjoyed tummy time & playing with all her toys.