Sunday, April 19, 2015

LakeLynn's big girl bed

We were waiting to convert LakeLynn's crib after she climbed out - same as when we coverted Stryker's crib. LakeLynn never attempted to climb out but she was starting to get too big for her crib. The decision was made to convert the crib this weekend...cue the tears!

As soon as LakeLynn saw her new bed, she immediately turned to me, "Mommy, you want to sleep with me?!" We crawled up in the bed together until LakeLynn fell fast asleep. The realization finally hit as I lie in the dark holding my daughter's hand that my babies are growing up & there is not a crib being used in our home.

Mini me

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Helping our neighbors

Our neighbors & friends, Chuck & Lisa Spears, needed help cleaning up as well as planting some flowers at their house. Stryker immediately jumped in to help Logan!

Fire truck fun

After opening day ceremonies, we were privileged to get a personal tour of Mountain Brook's Fire Department. 

Just hanging

Coco & I stole a morning playdate since I had the morning off. It began with a quick trip to the dentist for both Stryker & LakeLynn. Then, off to the playground followed by a sunglass purchase at TJ Maxx.

Opening day ceremonies

Saturday, April 11th

Opening Day Ceremonies
Upward Gardendale Baseball League

A parade began at 9am for all of the kids prior to the first games. We had a great time cheering on everyone as well as our friends - Tripp & Chaney King! There were even sky divers that landed in the outfield during the National Anthem.

After the parade, we took the kiddos to Yogurt Mountain before Stryker's game that afternoon.

Easter 2015: day 3

Easter Sunday! He is Risen, indeed!

Unfortunately, I had to work again but was able to get home by lunch. We enjoyed being outside playing with bubbles & lots of family time. Logan's family came for the afternoon to enjoy Easter as well as Logan's birthday at our home. Outside play, eating a late lunch, hunting eggs, eating cake, & playing more were among the fun we had. As you can see, LakeLynn passed out watching a movie with Stryker in our bed.