Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weekends are priceless

My first full week as a PT has come & gone. I still consider Trinity a good decision. Coco kept Stryker at the house on both Monday & Thursday while grandmomma kept him at the house on Friday. He had his first experience at daycare - The Learning Express in Bessemer which is only about 2 minutes from our house. Tuesday was extremely hard on me. Leaving him at daycare was not easy. All the staff members were crazy about Stryker but knew I was a first time mom. Yes, I have to admit, there were some tears. You never know how you'll react. I called Logan & Coco on my way to work just to hear encouragement. I felt as though I was just abandoning him. The daycare staff were called every chance I got to check in on my baby boy. When Logan picked him up that afternoon, they gave us a sheet with all the details of Stryker's day. We enjoyed reading it together that night. We laughed when they showed how little he slept. All of this made it a little easier on Wednesday. Being gone to work during the week has made the weekends priceless.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Working mom

Logan decided to take the above picture to show how my week ended. Guess, I'll have to get use to it.

I can officially say I'm a working mom now. Thursday was a teaching day. Dr. Lowman, UAB PT cardiopulmonary professor, asked me to help teach an all day lab for the 2nd year students. The positive - getting to teach again; the negative - leaving Stryker. Coco kept him busy while his mommy & daddy were gone to work. Coco took him strolling, swinging (both inside & outside), & many other favorites! Friday was my first day as a PT! The positive - helping people & getting paid to do something that I love; the negative - leaving Stryker. Thankfully, my job is not a boring, sit at desk kind of job. If it was, I would definitley think about Stryker all the time making it even more difficult to leave him. My first day at Trinity Medical Center was great! Everyone is wonderful. God placed me there to work for a reason. My manager actually gave me the opportunity to work 4 10 hour shifts instead of 5 8 hour shifts after orientation is complete. One extra day with Stryker = happy mom!!! Logan's mom (grandmomma) kept Stryker this time. He enjoyed some more spoiling & favorites. After work, Coco wanted to celebrate successfully passing my PT boards; therefore, Coco took Logan, Fletch, Stryker, & me to Mudtown for supper. It was delicious!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Last day as a full-time Mom

It's been difficult for me to realize that today was my last day as a full-time mom. I will be teaching at UAB tomorrow & starting work as a PT on Friday. I spent the day taking Stryker on a walk/run around our neighborhood & swinging in the backyard. Unfornately, we had to take him to the doctor for his 2 month check-up. He weighed 11 lbs (45th percentile) & 22 1/4 inches long (25th percentile). The doctor informed us how well he was catching up since being a preemie. During tummy time, he rolled over for the doctor! Little show off :) At the end of the visit, he had to get 4 shots. Stryker was a tough little boy (daddy told him he was tougher than his mom). Because I will be starting to work soon, we had to run by the daycare to turn in paperwork. Being able to see all the happy children & parents talking/hugging the daycare staff made me realize that Stryker would be okay. We enjoyed watching daddy play softball in Homewood tonight before enjoying a homecooked meal. Yes, I actually cooked. We had roast, potatoes, & carrots cooked in the crockpot. It was delicious!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Big News!!!!

Stryker had a restful night sleeping 7 hours! Logan rolled over this morning asking me if I had fed Stryker during the night. After denying, we ran to the nursery to check on Stryker. He was happy as can be sleeping away in his crib. We were completely amazed how long he had been sleeping. Stryker & I started out the day with visiting friends. We had breakfast at Julianne Butler's house. We played with Jeremiah while visiting with Katy Reynolds. This was the first time Katy has been back to Birmingham since graduating & moving to California. Yesterday afternoon was when I completed the PT board exam. Therefore, I was constantly checking the internet to see if I passed & was an official PT. When Logan got home from work around 4pm, we sat on the couch to catch up on his workday. I decided to check the internet one last time. I couldn't believe what I saw...Courtney Lynn Green, Physical Therapist!!!!!!!!!!! I jumped up grabbed Stryker & hugged/kissed Logan! We celebrated & then called Coco. What a relief! I spent the next little bit getting rid of my study materials in the living room. No more studying! What a busy, exciting day!

Why is mommy so tired?

Last night was the first time Stryker slept through the night, entirely! We put him to sleep after CMMA around 9:30pm & he didn't wake up until 5:15am. So why am I so tired this morning? I've been accustomed to about 3-4 hrs of sleep at a time; therefore, my internal clock kept waking me to check on him. Maybe, this is the start of something new.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

So sleepy

Stryker has been fighting going to sleep during the day, especially in the afternoon. Guess he figures that he'll miss out on something. He definitely gets that from his daddy! Today was the first time that he rubbed his eye. It was late in the afternoon & Stryker was kicking/yelling so much to keep himself away. We tried everything (rocking, bouncing, swinging, etc) to console him. Finally, Logan put him on his chest while rocking him in the recliner. Stryker took his right fist & rubbed his right eye. So adorable! It's amazing the little things that make your heart melt.

Swinging away

Stryker loves his swing! After going to church this morning for the first time (at our church - Church of the Highlands), he spent the afternoon in his swing. He even fell asleep in it!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday at the ball field

We enjoyed watching Logan play softball all morning in a tournament in Clanton. Warm, sunny weather allowed Stryker to play on his blanket! After a day at the park, our family spent the rest of the day on the back deck. Logan kept Stryker happy in his swing while I studied for PT boards. We had a wonderful day as a family! We are truly blessed.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Snuggling in my new robe

Coco was off today so we went shopping this morning for some new clothes. She bought Stryker his first bathrobe! Logan & I enjoyed snuggling with our little boy in his warm Ralph Lauren bathrobe that night. He was so adorable!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Logan is assistant coach for an Upward baseball team in Gardendale. Tuesdays are practice days. It was beautiful weather so we took Stryker to the ballpark. While his daddy coached, mommy put down a blanket for him to play on. He loved it!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy 31st Birthday Daddy!!!!

Today is Logan's 31st birthday!!! Stryker & I surprised daddy at work to bring him lunch...his favorite Chick-fil-A. Logan also got a card from his little Munchkin, card from me, & a caramel candy bar. We loved spending time as a family!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

First Easter!

Stryker's first Easter was a busy one! We took him to his first church service at Union Hill Baptist Church in Oneonta. He loved the music! Logan & I enjoyed showing him off to everyone at church. We ate lunch with Logan's family before heading to spend the rest of the afternoon with Coco & Fletch. We enjoyed sitting out on our deck watching Stryker swing that Coco got him for Easter. Then, we ate supper at Fletch's house. What a beautiful sunny day spent with my family!!!