Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011: Part IV

Christmas is finally here!!!!! Stryker woke up around 7am which was not early enough for me! I am like a little kid on Christmas morning. I had been up since about 4am wishing that I could sneak up to Stryker's crib & wake him earlier. Unfortunately, Logan had eagle eyes on me preventing me from doing that. We both went upstairs as soon as Stryker opened his eyes calling for us. We wished him Merry Christmas while his little head appeared over the side of the crib. As we took the last step & rounded the corner into the living room, Stryker opened his eyes wide with a loud "oooohhhhhh". He jumped out of my arms & ran to his new train set that Santa brought him (aka: Logan & me). Stryker kept running around the table trying to play with every piece while repeating "choo choo". It was the excitement that we had been waiting for. As soon as Fletch & Coco came in the door, he grabbed their hands leading them to his new toy!

the train set in our living room but will be moved to his bedroom

We let Stryker play with his train set & open a few wrapped trains for awhile before Coco/Fletch brought more presents. Coco would bring one toy in from the garage at a time allowing him to play.

baseball tee: the arm holds 3 baseballs & will elevate to attach a baseball on the bottom of the tee when you step on the homeplate button; it plays sports music while you swing & will clap after hitting the ball

Do you remember this toy? Yes, it's a sit & spin! Still popular. Stryker didn't want to sit & spin; he wanted to stand & spin!

mini shop-vac (it really works)

Fore!!! This will help Stryker perfect his golf swing!

It's Tool Time! Let's build something. Coco thought this was a good idea since Stryker always wants daddy's tools.

Family pic on Christmas morning! Notice Stryker wiggling out of my arms, Logan faking an early morning smile, & me trying to smile.

Stryker got tired so decided to lie down on the floor to play with his laptop.

all his loot!

The bike Fletch gave him! Watch video below

playing basketball (watch video below)

Guess Christmas made my guys tired! No, I didn't nap. I cleaned the house.

Aunt Barbara & Uncle Steve gave Stryker this wooden 18-wheeler car carrier &...

a kick ball for his trampoline! Yes, I said for his trampoline. Stryker likes to bounce & throw balls around while jumping on his trampoline.

This video is hilarious!

He shoots & he scores!!!

Christmas 2011: Part III

It's Christmas Eve!!!! Logan was off for 3 days so we treasured all the family time. We enjoyed letting Stryker sleep in, well until 6:30am! He's definitely a morning person & a night owl. He's just a ball of energy all of the time. We left the house mid-morning to get a link removed from my new watch (a gift from Coco) & exchange a nutcracker (another gift from Coco) before heading to grandmomma's house in Oneonta for their annual Christmas dinner. I'm getting ahead of myself, but the above picture is after Logan surprised me with a gift. I told you previously that he always surprises me no matter what. He gave Stryker a ring box to give me. I opened the box to find a sparkling saphire ring! I was extremely shocked to say the least. I looked up too see everyone rushing towards me wanting to see it along with a big smile on Logan's face. Thank you Logan for such a pretty ring. My husband loves to spoil me as you can tell.

Stryker chasing after a remote control truck.

Grandmomma gave Stryker one of his presents before dinner...a metal Tonka truck! He loved piling rocks & leaves in the truck then dumping it in the yard.

On the 4-wheeler!

smashing his face against the front door

playing with another toy

opening presents with cousin Isabella

lego truck from Aunt Tolli/cousin Isabella

camo boots from Uncle Cody

opening his Christmas stocking from grandmomma

grilling with daddy!

having fun with toys

Christmas 2011: Part II

It's Christmas Eve Eve!! I took the day off to hang with Stryker while Logan worked until the late afternoon. Coco had to work 1/2 the day so we decided to surprise her at work. She was so excited to see us walk through the door & came running to the door. She picked Stryker up & began taking him around the golf shop showing him off to members & letting him play with golf balls/clubs. He loved all the attention, as usual!

some cuddling time

Coco's boss (Allen, the golf pro director) began playing with Stryker: chasing him all around the shop, throwing/catching/hitting golf balls, & finally taking him out to #10 tee box to chat with some members. He's proud of Stryker. I'm not sure who is more hyper between the two!

Can't wait until I can teach Stryker how to play golf, but I guess he'll have to settle for driving the golf cart with Coco now.

After Coco got off work, we headed to her house to celebrate an early Christmas with our adult presents. We wanted Stryker to open one present then get our presents out of the way allowing Christmas morning to be all about Stryker! We enjoyed a relaxed evening with Coco, Fletch, Logan, Stryker, & me filled with presents & a BBQ dinner.

Stryker putting his food in a frying pan! I wonder what goes through his head sometimes.

opening his one early Christmas present...wooden shapes that can be put on a string (he loved this toy when he was getting occupational therapy)

He would put each wooden piece on the string while naming the color, shape, or number.

Fletch with his presents from us: McDonald's gift cards (for his morning drive-thru breakfasts on work days) & cologne.

Coco with her presents from us: wrist weights for walking, white fleece jacket, & Ole Miss sweatshirt. Can't wait to go to Ole Miss games this next season to wear our Ole Miss gear!

Logan was surprised that I gave him a few presents. We don't exchange gifts right now because we're using our extra money for Stryker as well as fixing our house. His gifts included: a new truck (well, it's a 2008 black Avalanche from a guy that I knew with very low miles which allowed us to have more room & not take my car everywhere without paying anymore a month!), iTunes gift card, Fireproof's Year Devotional for married couples (we completed the 40 day devotional based on the movie & loved it so wanted to go through this one), & 2 concert tickets to the Casting Crowns Come to the Well Tour in April! I really enjoyed surprising him with a few gifts because this is the first year I could splurge on him just a little for all that he has done for me while I was in school. Thank you hubby for all your hard work. You are a vital part of our family & continue to bless me more than I deserve.

After leaving Coco's, we decided to stay up late & assemble Stryker's Ho Ho (Santa) gift! We are cherishing this tradition of spending a late night being Santa's little helpers! As Stryker was fast asleep in his crib upstairs, we opened the box to his train set to find a million pieces to assemble. Did I mention that it was in a million pieces?! Logan began gathering tools that we would need & reading the instructions while I unwrapped each piece (yes, they were individually wrapped) & piling them into different stacks for easy find. Logan assembled the table & I assembled the track/buildings. I have to brag that I didn't mess up at all but Logan messed up 3 times! Sorry hubs, I had to say it! Anyway, it took us a total of 3 hours to complete this project but we had a blast reminiscing about Stryker's last Christmas & predicting what would happen this Christmas.

My hubby working hard to make sure his little boy's Christmas present is perfect.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Stryker's school projects

Below are some projects that Stryker's school gave us. It was fun looking through them with Logan & seeing what our little boy has been doing. He is extremely smart!

finger painting with green (Logan joked with the teacher asking if Stryker always paints in green for his last name)

colored pencil drawing

As you can tell, Stryker gets bored very easily!

Activity #1: drawing a line from baby crab to mommy crab; look how perfect he did!

Activity #1 (back page): drawing lines from animal to animal

colored apple, then could care less about the cherries, & didn't want to color the fire truck; his teacher said he does things well but if you want him to continue the same activity over again then he gets bored & doesn't want to do it; his teacher said that we probably will be dealing with an exceptional student in the future (way to go little man!)

finger painting

abstract marker drawing

look how good Stryker did copying the #4! The teacher wrote the 4 at the top

again, he didn't want to color the banana!

Activity #2: drawing a line from baby bunny to mommy bunny

Activity #2 (back page): drawing lines from bunny to bunny - he does very well for under 2 years old

Activity #3: starting to get bored doing the same activities

Activity #3 (back page): still bored

water colors

Activity #4: you can see as the activities go along, Stryker is not as interested; his teacher said he still behaves, but that he just wants to do something else more challenging since they've already done some activities similar to this one