Friday, January 27, 2017

more random pictures

little buddy was tired & didn't make it upstairs to his room

Having fun at the Big 1 Yamaha place in Homewood

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

LakeLynn's soccer team party

Team: Bat Girls
Coaches: Logan & Courtney Green

so proud of her 1st trophy!

yummy cake from Vicki Stoves

Stryker's team (Raptors) did not have a party but he was still excited to get his trophy

Pics from Stryker's teacher during school days

Stryker & Charlee

Thanksgiving lunches

Monday, November 14th: Lunch with Stryker at Gardendale Elementary School

Thursday, November 17th: Lunch with LakeLynn at Mt. Vernon's Child Enrichment Center

Stryker's Kindergarten Progress Report

My little buddy is rocking kindergarten!!!