Saturday, September 26, 2015

Friday night lights

Another game at West Point for their homecoming. 

Working men

Stryker helped daddy & Mr. Chuck work on our back patio. Then, Stryker decided to relax on the front porch swing.

Stryker's school projects

Sneaky Pete's birthday lunch

Friday, September 18th
LakeLynn chose her early birthday lunch to be at Sneaky Pete's in Gardendale!
We filled out bellies with yummy food before heading home to play. LakeLynn's choice was a corn dog with chili, onion rings, tater tots, orange juice, & chocolate chip cookie.

Caring children

Stryker playing & tucking in his stuffed animals.
LakeLynn reading to her baby dolls.
Love watching their imaginations at work.

Build-A-Bear field trip

Thursday, September 17th
Stryker's class took a field trip to Build-A-Bear. Noah's mom was gracious enough to send me pictures of my little man since I was working.

Friday night football

Friday night lights: This time, I took my little buddy to West Point High School's football game. There was a rain delay at the beginning but that didn't stop Stryker from having fun playing balloon volleyball in the field house! Thank you Donna Chamblee, ATC as well as her student trainers for a great experience!

Lego Land at the Galleria

On Labor Day, we took Stryker & LakeLynn to see Lego Land at the Galleria.

Lo-Co Farms

An afternoon at Lo-Co Farms (Uncle Cody's farm)

We enjoyed riding the Razor, seeing cattle & baby chicks, & walking around the land.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Friday night football & injury clinic

Friday, September 4th:
Stryker came with me to Friday night high school football game followed by Friday night injury clinic. Stryker enjoyed playing on the field, helping the student athletic trainers from Fairview, being friends with Fairview's athletic trainer (Lindsey Kent), & playing with Oakley at Friday night injury clinic. Stryker was interested more in watching the athletes get treated rather than lying in a room watching t.v. He definitely got that from mom! Stryker stayed awake the entire time until around midnight when we were driving home. He has talked about it non-stop & begged to go back again!