Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Last day at The Learning Express

Logan & I would love to express our sincere gratitude for the care provided to Stryker 2 days/wk. The Learning Express daycare in Bessemer (off Morgan Road) has compassionate infant room teachers. Even though there were other babies in the room, they all made Stryker feel special. I dropped off Stryker in the mornings while Logan picked him up in the afternoon. I always said that was a little unfair b/c I was the bad guy leaving him & he was the good guy picking him up! When I dropped Stryker off for his second day (& the rest of the times), he would kick & get so excited about being at daycare. It broke my heart...making me feel as though he was not sad or going to miss me. But Logan quickly told me that we would rather him be happy while staying there than hating it. Guess, he's right. Mrs. Angela would be the first face he saw in the infant room. She would run to get him out of my arms. Stryker's big toothless grin would prove his excitement. Mrs. Angela would turn on music & want to dance. On our last morning, I got a picture of the Stryker & Mrs. Angela. She cried. Stryker kept looking at her trying to figure out why she was sad. She told me that Stryker would be held all morning b/c it was his last day. Mrs. Angela asked me if we really had to pull him out, saying Gardendale was not that far away! She wanted to make sure the new daycare was knowledgeable about his interests: dancing, playing on tummy time, & how he needs to be spoiled. I will always remember Mrs. Angela saying "you're getting too big, you need to stop that growing" every morning. We will definitely keep in touch. Again, thank you for all your love & support for our little boy.

Monday, July 26, 2010

It's a reality now :(

It's a reality now that Stryker will be wearing a cranial band helmet. This afternoon was extremely difficult for my family. I met Logan at Hanger around 4pm for Stryker's second head scan to determine whether our interventions have improved his head shape. As I sat anxiously in the waiting room for Logan, a mother came out carrying her young son. He was wearing a helmet that his mother had painted a fun design on it. My eyes began to water. I felt helpless. Logan showed up shortly after which allowed me to relax a little. We were called back for our appointment a few minutes later. Three head scans were performed to compare with the previous head scans. Unfortunately, his head scan came back with the same (& some slightly worse) results. Heartbreaking. No words to describe how you'll feel as a parent when someone tells you that something is wrong with your child. Immediately, I began to blame myself for Stryker's head shape. Thoughts of my body being small not allowing Stryker room to grow and Stryker being in a low position for 6wks before birth kept running through my mind. Logan & I took some time to hold Stryker allowing the news to soak in. We knew the helmet was the best option for Stryker. Logan & I chose a solid royal blue color for the helmet. Coco found a lady willing to paint a personal design on his helmet. Such a sweet gesture. We spent the night discussing Stryker & looking for designs. We decided to paint the helmet like a baseball helmet. On the front, it will have "S" overlapping "W" for Wallace State Baseball. The back of the helmet will have their mascot, a lion, painted in orange & white along with "Stryker" painted in white underneath the lion. He's going to be one tough looking ball player!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baby Dedication

This Sunday was a special & memorable day. Stryker was dedicated at church this morning! Logan, Coco, Stryker, & I loaded up headed to Union Hill Baptist Church in Oneonta. Brother Bill Barnett (who actually baptized me on April 25, 2009 - I have been a Christian for a long time but wanted to show it publicly on my 4 year anniversary of my car wreck - & who married us) had this honor. Logan & I were asked to bring Stryker to the front altar prior to the sermon. Of course Stryker loved all the attention & would not stop kicking! We had so many family members present. Stryker is loved greatly! Logan spoke to our family/friends & the congregation. He thanked everyone for all the prayers throughout the last 6 wks of pregnancy as well as other heart-felt words. There was not a dry eye in the church, including mine. Afterwards, we enjoyed a delicious meal at Uncle Cody & Aunt Loren's house with all the family.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cutting teeth already?!

On Sunday July 18th, Stryker cut his first tooth! We were all outside enjoying the afternoon when Coco noticed a white speck in his mouth when Stryker smiled. He had actually cut a tooth. This tooth was his bottom, front left tooth. Not even a week later (Friday July 23rd), another tooth appeared. This time it was the bottom, front right tooth. Stryker definitely takes after his mommy on teething. I cut my first tooth early, 4 months to be exact. He's been such a trooper. The only signs we had that he has been teething was excessive drooling & gnawing on fingers or toys. His gums haven't even gotten swollen. Hope this teething experience continues to go as smoothly as it has in the beginning.

Monday, July 19, 2010

3rd & 4th PT Sessions

Not much to update. The physical therapist did tell us that Stryker's head shape seemed a little better. I hope she's right. The tightness in his neck/shoulder area is improving slightly. He loves going to PT; probably because there's so many toys. That's his time to show-out!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

5 months old!

Another month older! Sometimes I wish I could slow down time. Stryker is growing up fast (like all parents say about their children). Below are his new abilities & "likes". It amazes us how quick Stryker learns things. Can't wait to see how he progresses!
  • rolling from tummy to back (both directions)
  • rolling from back to tummy (both directions)
  • sitting with minimal support
  • standing with hands held
  • eating baby food
  • smiling & laughing intentionally
  • keeping mommy & daddy in eyesight
  • reaches for toys
  • scooting on back
  • scooting on tummy (hasn't quite figured out how to lift head & tummy at same time)
  • sleeping 9-11 hours every night
  • watching educational videos
  • pays attention to the dogs

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July

God bless America! The Fourth was a day of family time. Logan & I enjoyed time with Stryker before heading to Oneonta for a cookout at Uncle Cody & Aunt Loren's house. We feasted on various foods & desserts. Stryker drooled over the homemade ice cream. If only he was a little older! Sorry Stryker, guess fireworks will have to wait until next year. Mommy had a 10 hour shift starting early Monday morning so we all went to bed early. At least Stryker enjoyed the day & getting to spend the next day with daddy.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Fletch's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Fletcher!!!! Our family took Fletch to his favorite hamburger place: Mudtown. We enjoyed a wonderful night filled with delicious food & great company. Stryker even got his first little sip of sweet tea (compliments of daddy)! Fletch got a grill, grill cover, & a card that played "Bad to the Bone" when opened. Stryker even signed the card! It'll be interesting to see Fletch learning to grill. We'll volunteer to be taste-testers!