Saturday, March 22, 2014

Check-ups: Stryker 4 y/o & LakeLynn 18 months

Friday (3-21-14) was check-up day.

Stryker (4 years old)
stats: weight = 37 lbs (50th percentile), height = 40.5 in (50th percentile)
next visit at 5 years old
no shots but got vital signs checked like a big boy

LakeLynn (18 months old)
stats: weight = 24 lbs 11.6 oz (75th percentile), height = 31.75 in (50th percentile)
next visit at 2 years old
received 1 shot in her left thigh but had a 5 sec delayed cry

Morning at the zoo

Our Birmingham Zoo membership is obviously put to good use! We arrived this morning at the zoo around 9am. We had a few new experiences: up close rooster encounters, shaking bamboo trees, riding a camel (Styker has been before but it was Lake's first time), welcoming a baby giraffe (Griffin born on New Years Day, riding the train on the last seat which allows you to face backwards (we always ride in the first seats up front), & lunch at Which Wich in Homewood. Family time is my favorite! I cherish the memories we make together. Now, it's baseball practice time!

More hugs please

Their love for each other melts my heart! I pray that this bond remains strong throughout their lifetime. LakeLynn could not get enough hugs from Stryker the other night.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Busy Saturday

This Saturday was a packed day as usual with our crew! We began our day with Logan & Stryker getting hair cuts while I took Lake to the Family Christian Store for our neighbor's birthday present. Afterwards, we headed to Ranch House in Vestavia for lunch. That's when we realized (really just confirmed) how strong of an arm baby girl has...she threw a piece of fried okra across the table at Stryker. They love throwing things! The park in Vestavia was our next stop. We love parks & enjoy running around as a family! LakeLynn insisted on carrying (dragging would describe it more accurately) her blanket around while sucking on her paci. Needless to say, her blanket got washed as soon as we arrived home. We stopped by Sams in Homewood to stock up on groceries. Stryker refers  to it as "Big Walmart." They enjoy riding around but we never know how they will decide to ride. Both kiddos were passed out before we got out of the parking lot. Pure exhaustion. Lake finished her nap when we got home while Stryker helped daddy in the front yard. Coco stopped by to visit for a few minutes & give LakeLynn her first pair of tap shoes!! It was meaningful because Coco purchased them at the same place (Applause in Homewood) that she bought my tap & jazz stuff! Oh the memories we'll make taking dance at Dale Serrano! 

Miss you

I thought of you today,
but that is nothing new.

I thought about you yesterday
and days before that too.

I think of you in silence,
I often speak your name.

All I have are memories and
your picture in a frame.

Your memory is a keepsake
from which I'll never part.

God has you in His arms,
I have you in my heart.

2014 Spring School Pics

Stryker 4 y/o
LakeLynn 17 months

Saturday, March 15, 2014

LakeLynn's ENT appt

We all went for Lake's ENT check-up regarding her tubes on Thursday morning. The report turned out better than expected which ruled out a tube replacement. Praise The Lord for good news. Stryker & LakeLynn had a blast while we waited. LakeLynn wasn't too fond of being held down while sitting in mom's lap for the examination. We figured out quickly that she just needed to sit in the chair by herself! So independent.

Stryker's breakfast request

Last Tuesday night, I asked Stryker what he wanted for breakfast. The next morning he woke up to a table full of his breakfast request: pancakes, butter, syrup, & strawberries. My heart is full when I care for my family.


How do you get ready for bed?

We begin with a family wrestling match followed by some quiet time!

Stryker's 1st T-ball practice

Monday (3-10-14) was Stryker's first t-ball practice!!!! Coco was able to make the practice with us. Lake immediately thought she was playing but realized she had to play separate from Stryker. Your time is coming baby girl. Stryker did great for a first time out there. He loved running the bases, hitting off the tee, & chasing grounders. Practice was good for Stryker but we all took turns keeping baby girl distracted. Stryker had to learn the rules quickly because he tackled one of his teammates in order to get the baseball at the end of practice. He told daddy that he had to get the baseball so he could win & daddy be proud of him. Oh buddy, we are always proud of you. We definitely have a competitive little guy on our hands. Stryker's team is the Braves which is completely ironic since we're huge Yankees fans.