Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Big boy accomplishment!

Ever since Stryker turned 3, he has been Mr. Compete Independent. Or so he thinks! He has been wearing a pull-up only at night for the past 6 months. After turning 3, he said "no" to pull-ups at night. He quit cold turkey & has yet to have any accidents during the night!!! Way to go big guy! He doesn't even want to fall asleep in our bed anymore. He says "my bed, please" when he's ready for bed. Logan takes him upstairs to tuck him him. But not before he goes to the potty by himself (he shuts the door & everything), turns his night light on, turns his sound machine on, & then says "night night". We've had to start saying prayers in our bed together before he goes upstairs. In the morning, he wants to climb out of his bed, go to the potty, turn off sound machine & night light before running downstairs to us. I miss my baby boy. He's growing up too fast! We had a special family afternoon to celebrate all of Stryker's big boy accomplishments by taking him Saturday to Steel City Pops in Homewood (highly recommend it) for a popsicle & to pick out a toy using his Homewood Toy & Hobby gift card that Uncle Steve & Aunt Barbara gave him for his birthday! We are all so proud of you Stryker.

LakeLynn: 5 months old

Has another month past? It's hard to believe next month you will be 1/2 year old! You still light up our world baby girl. Your brother is over the moon for you & you are definitely mesmerized by him. Next pediatrician visit is not until next month so we'll see how your stats shape up then. For now, here are some updates:
*trying to hold your bottle
*yearning for real food (you will reach or stare at our plates)
*drinking 6 oz bottles of formula
*still sleeping through the night except for a week when you had a cold
*rolling from tummy to back with ease
*active (you want to be playing all day)
*starting to really reach & play with toys
*cries only when very hungry or to fight sleep during the day
*still hates to nap but sleeps all night (I'll take that trade off)
*wears mostly 6 month clothes for the length (sorry baby girl, you're not tall but you have a long torso)
*still sleeps mostly in the swing
*trying to crawl (when on tummy, will walk feet up pushing butt in air but hasn't quite figured out how to bring arms forward)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The 3 amigos!

We always enjoying hanging out with the Helland's! We spent yesterday afternoon at the Helland's house playing inside since it was cold. They fixed a yummy dinner including steak, baked potatoes, Cesar salad with tomatoes, & homemade double doozy cookie cake for Stryker's birthday. Stryker & Lucy are best friends but they still love to include LakeLynn. Watch out world, looks like we have another Jon & Courtney friendship!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Valentine's day celebration began Feb. 1st & lasted through the 14th. A red heart was placed each morning on both Stryker & LakeLynn's bedroom doors. The heart had one thing I loved about them. Stryker was excited to read them each morning! Yes, I even did it for Lake who is only 4 1/2 months old.

Stryker's hearts:
your smile, your laugh, the love you have for your sister, your intelligence, your cool demeanor, athletic ability, the day you made me a mother, your bedtime routine, your determined attitude, how you flirt with girls especially older blonde ones, daddy's best bud (you mimic all he does), how well you play with others especially older boys, your caring heart, your silliness

LakeLynn's hearts:
your strong will that began your first days in the NICU, your baby smell, your cuteness, the love you have for your brother, your baby blues, your never ending desire to be held, your expressions, your coos & babbles, how well you sleep at night, your little hands & feet, your little nose, the way you make me want to be a better woman so you will have a role model, your toothless grin, the way you hold onto my necklace or shirt when I hold you in my arms

I had discretely hid candies each morning for Logan to find. Each candy had a different saying. Here they are:
pack of gum - "I'm stuck on you"
Baby Ruth - "thanks for going to bat for me"
Hot tamales - "you are my hot tamale"
Pretzel m&m - "love knots"
Payday - "I'm nuts about you"
Almond joy - "it's a joy to be married to you"
Sweet tarts - "you're my sweetie"
Rollo- "I like the way you roll"
Skittles - "you color my world"
Reese pieces - "I love you to pieces"
Now & later - "I want you now & later"
life savers - "you are my life saver"
Star bursts - "you are the star in my eyes"

Stryker's Valentine's for his classmates were bags filled with various types of candy & a shovel sticking out of each bag. The bags read, "I dig you! Stryker".

Logan & the babies gave me cards that morning before I left for work. I was also surprised at lunch with a visit from my family. Logan took off work, picked up the kids from school, drove to Cullman to surprise me before returning to work. I really could not have asked for a better gift! Thank you so much hubs! Coco gave me a card as well & grandmother gave me some flowers. Of course, both grandparents gave the kids surprises.

Stryker's 3rd birthday: part 3

My how time continues to fly by! Especially with 2 little wild ones! You amaze us as always with your development. Your daddy brought you downstairs early this morning as I was holding a chocolate covered doughnut with 3 lit candles. Daddy quickly joined me in singing "Happy Birthday" while you were still half asleep. But, you woke just enough to blow out all the candles! Sorry buddy for the early serenade but I had to get to work. Daddy let you go back to sleep in the big bed before getting you ready for school. You took m&m cookies to school for snack time. I was able to pick you & LakeLynn up from school early. On our way to the pediatrician, you serenaded us with singing "Happy Birthday" to yourself. It went a little like this...
Happy birthday to you Stryker Green
Happy birthday to you Stryker Green
Happy birthday to you Stryker Green
Happy birthday to you Stryker Green
Yay!!!! Again! (Repeat)

My man, Dr. McCain said you looked awesome & here are your latest stats:
height = 37.5 inches (50th percentile)
weight = 31 pounds (50th percentile)

You received one shit in your left thigh which only caused a little cry until you scored a sucker! We don't return until next year!

I have decided to ask you several questions each year to note how your answers change. So here it goes.

1. Favorite color: red ("my shirt's red, my shoe red, my shoe red")
2. Best friend: Lucy Helland ("ucy")
3. Favorite food: ice cream
4. Favorite sport: baseball
5. Favorite cartoon: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
6. Favorite thing in school: Noah
7. Favorite animal: horse
8. Favorite movie: Elmo
9. Favorite toy: airplane
10. Favorite superhero: Buzz Light year
11. Favorite number: 3
12. Favorite letter: B
13. Favorite breakfast: doughnuts & doughnut holes

We love you so much buddy! Thank you Lord for our son. We take our role of being chosen to raise you in a Christian home a top priority.

"Who You Are" by JJ Heller

This song is a new one by JJ Heller that has really spoken to my heart each & every time I have heard it. A thoughtful co-worker wrote down the lyrics for me since I could not find them. She had to listen to it on you-tube & write them down as the song played. Did I mention what a selfless person she is?! 

All she ever wanted was a baby to hold
She's still waiting at forty-one years old
Her life feels like a tragedy, and it's driving her down to her knees
She says I don't know, I don't know what you're doing
But I know who you are

It was after midnight when he answered the phone
The doctor said his daughter was never coming home
Sometimes life doesn't make any sense
Full of war and pain and accidents
He's praying
I don't know, I don't know what you're doing
But I know who you are

You have a father's heart and a love that's wild
You know what it's like to lose 
You know what it's like, what it's like to lose a child

Sometimes I don't know, I don't know what you're doing
I don't know, I don't know
Sometimes I don't know, I don't know what you're doing
But I know who you are.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Stryker's 3rd birthday: part 2

Stryker had an amazing party at Gymboree this afternoon! Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us & showered our little boy with great gifts! Everyone enjoyed games, playtime in the gym, & of course some birthday cake. Logan & I wore t-shirts that said "Stryker's Pit Crew" on the front while Stryker's t-shirt had a checkered 3 on it with his name underneath. It's all about the details!

Stryker's 3rd birthday: part 1

Saturday afternoon Fletch & Coco came over to give Stryker early birthday presents. He was extremely excited to get 2 big airplanes which he had been requesting for several weeks! He also received some baseball shirts, a pair of baseball plaid shorts, & 3 pairs of shorts. It was funny to see how the clothes did not interest him. Even baby Lake got a gift! A new outfit which she'll wear for Stryker's party. After some playtime, we all headed to Dairy Queen for dinner & dessert. What a fun way to start your birthday buddy!

Look who's talking

Should I be concerned about Stryker teaching Lake?!