Thursday, August 19, 2010

6 month check-up

Stryker's 6 month doctor's appointment was this afternoon. Knowing he had to get shots made me nervous about taking him by myself. He weighed in at 16 lbs 4 oz (30th percentile) & 27 in long (70th percentile). Logan was glad to hear he moved higher in the percentile range for length. Logan's been worried about him having my height! Ha Ha! The pediatrician said he looked great & would be getting 4 shots (2 in each thigh). She also broke the news that he'd be getting a flu shot in Sept. How many shots does my little boy have to endure - sorry, the momma's coming out in me.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

6 months old!!!!

Not sure I really like having our little grow older. Next thing you know, I'll be planning his first birthday! We celebrated by going to a cookout at Wallace for a baseball player/coaches/families welcoming dinner. Stryker & I met the players' families while Logan (aka: Coach Daddy) met with the players. Several of the parents' held Stryker - see what I mean, always stilling the show! We all came together to eat. The ball players thought Stryker's helmet was a real baseball helmet. The cookout was a success & got everyone in baseball fever. I love being a baseball coach's wife!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Stryker went swimming!!! The pool is only 6 houses up the street. Logan, Stryker, & I went swimming right after the sun went down. We were unsure of how Stryker would like it. The minute his little feet hit the water, he began kicking. Then his hands starting slapping the water. He had the biggest grin on his face. There were times when he would splash himself. He would look a little confused at first & then start playing again. Guess, we'll be at the pool a lot! It is an experience when you see your child discover something new. Can't wait for more pool memories!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Changes, changes, & more changes

These past couple of days have been extremely busy & emotional. It all began at Hanger yesterday afternoon. Stryker was given his helmet which came solid blue in color. Logan & I sat there while the orthotist evaluated the fit of his helmet. Yes, I teared up watching our child have this corrective helmet placed on his tiny, innocent head. But quickly laughed as he developed a huge grin on his face. He loved it & hated for the orthotist to remove it! Logan immediately picked his little munchkin up so he could tell me that they could finally play rough since he has protection! Not so sure the orthotist found humor in that statement. There is a 6-8 day weaning schedule that Stryker has to go through before he reaches the 23 hr/day mark. We took the helmet by a sweet lady's house (a member at Vestavia Country Club) who volunteered to paint anything on the helmet. The idea was to make it similar to a Wallace baseball helmet. The front would have "WS" while the back would have a Wallace State Lion & "Stryker" written underneath. She was willing to have it finished later that afternoon so Stryker could wear it. While waiting, we drove to Gardendale to close on our house! Moving day tomorrow! Unfortunately, Logan & my mom had to move alone so I could still go to work. I rushed to our new home after work to help with the rest of unpacking. Poor Stryker; he had to be held the entire day. I guess the move & a new place made him a little nervous. The unpacking after day. We love all the room! Stryker has his own room & a playroom. What almost 6 month old has all that?! I am sad to leave all the memories of our first home but excited about making new ones in this home.

In the midst of all those changes, Logan had a switched careers. We definitely had to take a leap of faith & trust in our Lord for He opened these doors. Logan is now the pitching & catching coach for the Wallace State baseball team in Hanceville, AL. It is a junior college where he pitched. It is an amazing feeling to see Logan happy again about work. Thank you God for allowing this opportunity to come available. Fall baseball season is just around the corner & spring season is not far away. Go Lions!!!!!