Monday, October 17, 2016

Stryker in school

Love how Stryker's teacher sends weekly class pictures!

First day of school 2016

2016-2017 School Year

Stryker - Kindergarten at Gardendale Elementary School
LakeLynn - preK at Mt. Vernon Child Enrichment Center

little man walking to his first class (they only allowed parents to drop them off at the front door)

entering the front door as a big boy

when did you get so big?!

being silly

she is excited!

sitting at her desk like a big girl

teacher's helper

Mrs. Pam (LakeLynn's teacher)

Stryker giving a quick hug to his teacher from last year (Mrs. Bethany)

little buddy getting ready for car line

Good night snuggles before first day of school

Kindergarten Camp for Stryker

Kindergarten Camp
Gardendale Elementary School

August 9th (Tuesday)

Love our little buddy

My little buddy forever & always

sitting beside his friend Brooks (dark curly hair)


Mrs. April Cooper (Stryker's kindergarten teacher)

Mrs. Candace Ashworth (technical teacher)


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hanceville Kids Night Out

Kids Night Out - marketing event for TherapySouth
Hanceville, AL

Logan helped me set up a booth at the event in Hanceville & our children enjoyed playing!

watched the police helicopter take off

playing on a fire truck

playing on an army vehicle

proud to have this man beside me supporting my career every step of the way!!

the man above was the person that covered me with a fireman's jacket while I was stuck in my car after I wrecked & then helped pull me out; appreciate you being a part of saving my life

LakeLynn's new bicycle

Coco decided to get Lake an early birthday present for her possible bicycle party in September. In the middle of August, Coco took us to Toys R Us for Lake to pick out her helmet (which you can tell by Stryker & my facial expression, it took awhile) & the perfect bicycle! She loved her new bicycle & couldn't wait to ride it at home!