Friday, February 27, 2015

Birthday party fun

Celebrating our friends, Hannah & Sarah Young, 5th birthday! We had a blast during the cupcake war!

Morning snuggles

Stryker's 5th birthday party

Stryker is 5 YEARS OLD!!!!! Time please slow down! I definitely do not feel old enough to have a 5 year old - Logan begs to differ!

At 2:01pm, on Feb. 15th, Charles-Stryker Holden Green made his debut into the world making us a family of 3!

Stryker favorites:
color - blue & red
movie - Big Hero 6
t.v. show - Star War Rebels 
song - Light 'Em Up by Fall Out Boy
number - 5
letter - F (because 5 starts with F)
toy - airplane
outside activity - playing in Coco's pool
inside activity - running & riding the scooters with Baby Lake
friends - Noah A.
Christian song - too many to choose from
food - chicken fingers
drink - orange juice
restaurant - Cracker Barrel
place to go - Chuck E Cheese

Stryker requested his 5th birthday party be at Chuck E Cheese.
Date: Sunday, Feb. 15th
Time: 1:30pm
Location: Chuck E Cheese in Vestavia

A special thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate our buddy turning another year older! Again, we appreciate our infamous cake lady, Vicki Stoves, on the amazing job she did on Stryker's Transformer cake!

Happy 5th Birthday, little buddy!

Early birthday presents

Happy early 5th birthday, buddy! Coco gave Stryker a birthday present each day over the the weekend of Feb. 15th. Coco gave him a Spiderman game that connects directly to the television, a Transformer remote control, & Spiderman walkie talkies.

Georgia Aquarium

What do you do on Valentine's Day as parents of 2 precious kiddos?

A family trip to the Georgia Aquarium! We headed out early Saturday (Feb. 14th) morning & had a blast at the aquarium.

We decided that the Tennessee Aquarium was our favorite after comparing the two but still had fun making family memories!