Thursday, January 1, 2015

Best friends

Basketball tournament fun

Saturday, December 27th

We spent the afternoon & night watching basketball tournaments. First up, West Point Christmas Tournament. Donna & Lindsey (ATCs) kept us entertained. Always good seeing them. Dinner was at Johnny's BBQ before heading to Wallace State Community College for the Yule Tide Tournament. Logan ended up sitting in the car with LakeLynn, but Stryker felt so big sitting with me & Scott (ATC) court side.

Christmas afternoon

Back from work & the kiddos awake, we headed outside for some riding fun & Stryker to shoot his BB gun.

Christmas morning

Merry Christmas!!

Santa left some cool battery-powered scooters for the kiddos along with footprints. He didn't leave all the snow at the North Pole! 

Yes, I am still a kid at heart! I wake up very early on Christmas morning & wait for everyone else to wake up. Except this year, I didn't wait...I carried a completely asleep LakeLynn into Stryker's room. As I turned Stryker's sound machine off, I heard a little boy's voice say, "Santa?? Oh, it's you Mom. Did Santa come?" LakeLynn woke up in time for us to walk into the hallway to look downstairs at what Santa left. After riding around the house, Stryker put the presents into 2 piles. He enjoyed looking at the name tags to see who they belonged to. I noticed the bamboo & pallet wood box in the living room corner. My talented hubs made me a Christmas gift! Wow, what a special gift to have him make me something with his own hands. LakeLynn decided to wear her helmet most of the morning. LakeLynn reminded me of myself as a child...opening one present at a time (very carefully I might add) & wanting to play with each gift for a few minutes before opening another. Plans changed from alternating opening gifts to Stryker opening all of his while LakeLynn played with a toy.

Santa gave Stryker a Ninja Turtle scooter & Raphael helmet, LakeLynn a Frozen scooter & Minnie Mouse helmet.

Stryker's gifts: Zoomer Dino, Ninja Turtle Super Sewer, Ninja Turtle Art & Activity, Pre-K Quiz It Pen
LakeLynn's gifts: Frozen (Let It Go) snow globe wand, Frozen Elsa doll with light-up/singing dress & Olaf, Doc McStuffins Art & Activity, Doc McStuffins Alphabet Tablet, Sesame Street Elmo Quiz It Pen

Fletch & Coco dropped by with an early morning snack - Dunkin Donuts! After playing with toys, Coco & I cooked breakfast - coffee cake, scrambled eggs, bacon, & fruit. We filled our tummies & played the rest of the morning. The kiddos took a nap while I went to work. Thankful Coco rode with me (she visited with Mamo at the nursing home) so I had good company.