Sunday, December 27, 2015


Coco has been braiding LakeLynn's hair in different ways! LakeLynn loves her hair braided & stands still while Coco fixes it. Brings back memories of my childhood.

Stryker's basketball

First home project

My first home project that I accomplished myself!

Kitchen chair recovered - the chair on the right is the old covering, the chair on the left is the new covering! Finished product shown below. I picked the fabric out at Hobby Lobby & recovered each seat. It was easier than I expected & can't wait to get started on a new project!

Christmas wth Mamo

Christmas with Mamo at the nursing home. We enjoyed our visit especially since it was warm outside & could spend our time outdoors.

Excuse Mamo's shirt. Guess next year, we will give her some Ole Miss clothes!

Merry Christmas to me!

I received a few Christmas presents that I am underserving of but much appreciated.

Coco gave me new barstools to go in our kitchen.
Logan gave me a new couch & recliner for our living room as well as a new saphire bracelet that matches my saphire ring he gave me in the past.


Meet Coco & Fletch's new pup - Gunner!! He is a Shar-pei born on September 21, 2015. He comes from a long line of show dogs that have won numerous awards. His grandfather was a U.S. National Champion for consecutive years.

Hubs award

Congrats Hubs!! Proud of all your hard work. This will look perfect in your office!

Thanksgiving holidays

Thanksgiving 2015
Thursday, November 26th

We spent the day with Coco & Fletch. Stryker & Lake received little Thanksgiving surprises to enjoy playing with during the day. We all went to Uncle Cody's house for Thanksgiving dinner.

Christmas Parade

Friday, November 20th
Lights Up at the Summit
Christmas Parade

(Excuse the look on my face because I had a cervical & occipital block early that morning.)

Ole Miss cookies!

Stryker & Lake loved the Ole Miss cookies! Thank you Jason Doty for the special treat!

Church of the Highlands - At the Movies

Church of the Highlands
Fultondale campus

Our church had an "At the Movies" series which provided disney characters for the children!