Monday, February 24, 2014

Lake's ER trip

Baby girl was rushed to the ER after a fall at home.

The story...
It was bathtime & Lake was chasing Stryker to the bathtub. Before Logan could grab her, Lake slipped on the rug slamming her face into the corner of the tub. Logan scooped her up immediately as I came running due to the loud crying. I noticed Lake had blood running down her L cheek but realized it was not originating from her eye but from a cut underneath. As Logan called for an appt due to the location & possible fracture, I bathed her & got prepared to head to the ER. Lake was pitiful & insisted on keeping a strong grip on me. She checked out well without injury to the eye or socket. The only instructions were to watch for any concussion symptoms. I'm sure this is only one of the many trips for our kids as active as they are.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Stryker's 4th birthday party!!!

Stryker is 4 & able to celebrate with a party on his actual birthday!!

Party Details:
Location - McWane Science Center
Time - 2pm (he was born at 2:01pm)

The party began with live animals - a tortoise, gecko, & corn snake. Lake did good petting the tortoise but quickly decided she wanted to go somewhere else to play. She's not a big animal lover. Stryker loved all the animals but the snake was his favorite. I'm glad daddy was with him since I was as far away as I could get. Next was the dinosaur cake! It was delicious as always thanks to our cake lady - Vicki Stoves. Presents were opened followed by a couple of hours playing throughout the McWane Center! We appreciate everyone who attended to help make his party a success. I knew without a doubt that he had a great time when he told me on the way home, "Thank you mommy & daddy. I have the best parents in the whole wide world!" Happy 4th birthday buddy!!!

Stryker: pre-party with Coco

Stryker was able to have a pre-party celebration with Coco Saturday morning (Feb. 15th). She spoiled him rotten as always. We cherish every moment with Coco. Appreciate the gifts & riding with me to pick up his dino cake. We love you.

Stryker is 4!!!!

February 15, 2010 was the day we became a family of 3!!! Stryker is now 4 years old!! I'm not sure I feel old enough to have a 4 year old.

you will have a check-up in a couple of wks

What's new:
*wears 4T shirts (can fit in 5T sometimes)
*wears 3T shorts/pants only if has a way to tighten the waist
*wears size 11 shoes
*takes 1 nap/day (more willing at school)
*takes computer & speech at school
*attends chapel at school
*likes to help, especially caring for baby Lake
*reads Bible stories at night
*insists on saying the blessing & prayers
*eats dinner at the dinning room table as a family each night
*bedtime between 9-10 pm
*wakes between 6-8 am (lately it's been around 5-5:30 am)
*mimics daddy
*loves homemade blueberry waffles from me
*calls me "princess"
*loves for me to call him "buddy," "prince," or "snuggle buddy"
*drinks milk now!
*likes bath time until soap or shampoo is involved
*played soccer over the fall & will play t-ball this spring
*still loves to be outside

More snow?!

Yes, I'm talking about a second snow (not as much ice as last time) in Alabama! The snow hit on Monday (2-10-14) night resulting in an unexpected vacation time at home with my family. The icy conditions caused me to miss Tuesday. A second wave of this snow storm hit Wednesday afternoon/night. These pictures were on Thursday morning when I attempted to make it to Cullman for work. The icy conditions were horrible all the way to Cullman resulting in a 3 1/2 hour drive time. Logan & Stryker were playing in the snow as I left but not before Logan uncovered my car! Such a thoughful hubs! Lake enjoyed the snow later after she woke from her nap.