Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Last night's playtime with daddy

Since Logan has been working long hours Monday - Saturday at Ivan Leonard Chevrolet dealership (hopefully, a temporary job until coaching position come available), Stryker misses out on daddy time. Fortunately, Logan got off around 6pm last night allowing Stryker to get some special time with daddy. He was full of energy so we let him stay up late. The videos show the fun time they had together as well as Stryker mastering a new skill...climbing.

Friday, May 20, 2011

15 months old - May 15, 2011

Wow! Where has the time gone? Little man, you have grown & accomplished so much over the past couple of months. Your dad & I are amazed each day. Stryker, you have a wonderful personality. Below are some new things that you have mastered.

  • calling me "mum" - Not sure why you changed from "momma" to "mum" but it's cute, especially when you say "mum" & lean toward me for a hug or kiss. You make me feel like such a special person in your life when you say "mum" while having arms stretched out for me. I love you little man.

  • weaning yourself off the bottle - Yes, I said it. YOU are weaning yourself. Guess you think you're too big for a baby bottle. Bottles are now reserved for bad teething experiences (refusing everything else) or when you absolutely cannot go to sleep.

  • putting yourself to sleep - It all started about a week ago when you were sleepy but kept staying awake to be with us. We laid you down in your crib & sat by the door with open ears, waiting on any signs of "get me out." Logan & I smiled while we listened to your sweet voice making babbling sounds. After about 2-3 minutes, it was pure silence. We peeked in your room to find you sound asleep. What a surprise! We were in shock, spending the evening discussing what a big boy you're becoming. Since that time, you have been a trooper & even walk towards your room or our room when you're ready for night-night.

  • sitting in the bathtub independently - No bathtub sitting ring for our big boy anymore! You love the freedom of being able to move around in the bathtub. You chase after your toys, splash the water, throw toys out of the tub for us to throw back to you, lay on your belly in order to move your arms/legs around in the water, drink the bath water (not sure this taste that great but you seem to get a kick out of it), put your face under water for a quick second then look at us with a big grin, etc.

  • wanting to feed yourself - You have definitely mastered feeding finger foods independently. This has you thinking you can feed yourself with a spoon, but we need more practice.

  • walking independently - No more crawling. It's all walking now or should I say trying to run!

  • climbing stairs independently - Nothing's off limits (or so you think) in the house. Freedom! You are so mobile, going up & down the stairs easily. Your favorite is to hold onto our hand & the rail to ascend/descend like an adult.

  • points/waves to everything

  • still loves anything sports-related & elmo

  • starting to play independently - We can sit in a room or do housework/yardwork while you play.

  • social butterfly - You will walk up or reach for anyone, to an extent (if you can still see us). We'll need to start learning about not talking to strangers soon!

  • very aware of females - I wonder where he gets that from?! Guessing the father-son talk will come quicker than Logan expected! Even the daycare ladies tell me that he's such a flirt. The daycare told me that one little girl (can I mention she was older) saw Stryker from another classroom & kept saying he was her boyfriend. When did this become something a child would say?! Watch out blonde girls, Stryker is a flirt!

  • still loves to be outside

  • ate his first dirt pie - We are leveling our backyard making it bigger in the process. There has been several days of dirt covering the yard until sod is delivered. Stryker enjoyed playing in the dirt.

  • neighborhood buddies - Our neighbors next to us & across the street (Spears family & Daniel family) have even designated a kitchen cabinet for Stryker filled with tubberware & rubbermaid containers. This comes in handy when we get together. The Spears family have a teenage son who loves to play with Stryker & take him riding on his skateboard.

  • climbing up on things - We caught you one day in your room climbing the bookshelf!

Monday, May 16, 2011

New Dining Room Table!

Thank you mom for our new dining room table! We can finally have somewhere for family/friends to sit (well, when we get chairs) together. The table is one-of-a-kind. Our interior decorator, Richard Tubb, had someone to custom make this unique table. The picture does not do it justice.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

these things tickle my fingers

daddy teaching Stryker to feed the animals

what are these big things?!

now, this little chick is more my size

pointing with both hands

excited to see daddy feeding the animals

Stryker would squat & then pop up

guess he was playing games with turtle & pig

look, I'm petting the animal by myself!

both are really confused

my natural little cowboy

daddy & son

Uncle Cody getting in on the action

playing (& eating) dirt

even though the water was cold, Stryker was not complaining

Stryker's handmade card & flower from daycare

his handprint (this shows that he's too active to sit still long enough)

my new living room rug from Coco

thanks mom, but Stryker thinks it's his!

Picture Overload!!!! This Mother's day was my second one to celebrate. Logan woke me holding a card as well as Stryker holding his. Having my 2 favorite boys there when I opened my eyes to say "good morning & Happy Mother's Day" is priceless. We spent the morning at Homestead Hollow in Sringville with grandmomma, Uncle Cody, Aunt Tolli, cousins Isabella/Hunter/Austin. Stryker loved riding the pony, playing in the creek, the petting zoo, & eating the yummy food. The afternoon was filled with a cookout at our house with Coco & Fletch. We had delicious hamburgers, fries, macaroni salad, & TCBY yogurt cake. Thank you to my wonderful husband & family for making this day special.