Sunday, November 25, 2012

Family of 4: Christmas picture

We visited Santa at the Bass Pro Shop after church today. Stryker requested a family picture. When asked what he wanted for Christmas, super heroes & big super heroes were the answers. He also told Santa baby "ake" wanted chew toys! Where does he come up with this stuff?!

The other picture was Stryker riding the carousel with daddy while Lake & I waited in line.

Best friends

Blessed as best friends!! Stryker & Lucy! These two melt my heart on how close they have become.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from the Green family! We are truly blessed more than we deserve. Thanksgiving this year was spent as a family of 4 with the addition of our precious girl LakeLynn. We will still consider ourselves a family of 6 (with our babies in Heaven). God has continued to answer prayers & work through our family for His glory.

Coco & Fletch came to our home (in Fletch's new truck) that morning. We ate a simple but delicious early lunch (smoked turkey, tater tot casserole, baked beans, rice) before heading to Gardendale Elementary School's park. We played while LakeLynn slept the majority of the time. Afterwards, it was back home for dessert...peach cobbler & ice cream!! Then, more playtime in the backyard. We love to be active!

Around 4pm, we headed towards Springville for Thanksgiving dinner at grandmomma's house. Stryker enjoyed running around playing tag & pool. LakeLynn spent most of the night cuddled with me. Aunt Sheila from Florida stopped by the house with Aunt Tolli, Isabella, Hunter, & Jaclyn. We all laughed watching Stryker attempt the game of hide & seek. He had a hard time sitting still to count & staying quiet when hiding. But he sure can run fast! That's all that matters, right?!

Mamo Patty

LakeLynn met her great grandmother (Coco's mom) Mamo this past Sunday. The beautiful sunny weather allowed us to sit outside her apartment in Cullman during the visit. Stryker ran, kicked the soccer ball, & rode his bike.

Monday, November 19, 2012

LakeLynn: 2 months old

My precious baby girl, you are already 2 months old. Does time have to go by so fast with you & your brother? You continue to be healthy & amaze everyone. I took you to the pediatrician this morning for a checkup. Our regular MD was on maternity leave but you still smiled & cooed. Stryker enjoyed goofing around in the room but took Coco quickly to the waiting room when they were ready to give you shots. Before shots, you took an oral medication. The nurse was surprised you swallowed it without a fuss. That's my sweet girl! Next up, a shot in each thigh. You cried as soon as the shots were administered but was consoled within a minute of being held. Such a tough girl. It was time for the park. Coco & I took y'all to the Vestavia park. You slept in the sling the entire time as well as the majority of the afternoon. The shots started affecting you around 6pm with a low grade fever & uncomfortableness. You still tried to smile through the night. Melts my heart.

2 month old stats:
9 pounds 2 ounces (25th percentile)
21.5 inches long (25th percentile)

What are you up to these days?
*holding head up while sitting in bumbo seat
*happy mostly
*cries only if hungry or can't go to bathroom
*smiles & coos
*desires to be held ALL the time, especially by mom
*likes to fall asleep during feedings
*taking formula now with rice cereal to prevent spitting up
*turns head toward me if hears mom's voice while being held by someone else
*laughs especially at Stryker
*scrunches eyebrows together in order to make a serious face especially when Stryker comes home from school & is loud
*loves the swing (you sleep in it every night)
*rolls from tummy to back but only when you don't get picked up from tummy time quick enough
*if awake, prefers to be talked to
*do not mind baths
*loves to be carried in the sling but doesn't mind the stroller (thank goodness since I have a hyper boy to chase around)
*can sleep anywhere & around any noise
*still sleeping in mom & dad's room because your room is upstairs
*size 1 diapers
*3 month shoes
*3-6 month one pieces or dresses (long torso)
*0-3 or 3 month outfits
*averages 5-6 hours of sleep before eating
*drinks 4 ounces of bottle each feeding with 2 teaspoons of rice cereal
*have not lost any hair & it's getting thicker
*hair is still wavy
*Minnie me (same as me when I was a baby): long torso, desires to be held, holds fists under chin when taking bottle, can sleep anywhere, seldom cries, makes a clearing throat sound, loves to be rocked or swung, high cheek bones, little pug nose, my lips, big feet, low percentile on height & weight, slow eater

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Friday Fun

Stryker had a tailgating party at school yesterday. He loves finding any reason to wear his Ole Miss jersey! Yes, I'm a proud mom! When I picked him up, I notice his eye black the teachers applied to all the boys. He looked so tough! The rest of the day he would say "party machine". Guess, he's been attending too many parties!

LakeLynn also had a big day while her brother was partying at school. She sat in her bumbo seat while successfully holding her head up! She kept laughing as she discovered her surroundings from a different position. I'm very proud of you baby girl!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Girl time

Been enjoying time with my baby girl (in between the chaos - fun - that is known as Stryker)!

Pics below are:
1. Bundled up one cold morning to take Stryker to school
2. Begging me to stop deep cleaning the house (yes, I know it's not spring)
3. Girl talk while daddy was giving Stryker a bath
4. First carrousel ride at the Galleria but of course slept through it (Stryker was in front of us riding a reindeer)

Homestead Hollow

After church Sunday, Logan took our family to Homestead Hollow for a couple of hours. We enjoyed a hayride, pony rides, nature walks, inflatables, trampoline jumps, & some food. We even saw Santa! Stryker was brave this year & whispered into his ear the things he wanted for Christmas. Baby Lake was snuggled in her sling sound asleep the entire time.

Special family weekend (2 weeks ago)

Before Logan leaves for Montgomery this week, we invested in some quality family fun. Praying a stable (close to home) job opportunity. Saturday, of course, was spent watching our Ole Miss Rebels. Georgia was just a little too much for us this year. Hoping for a 3rd SEC win soon & bowl eligibility. After the game, we headed to Morris, AL for a weenie roast (never been to one before) at our neighbor's parents. Their backyard was filled with a small bonfire, hay bells, & lots of food (hotdogs, chili, chips, drinks, marshmallows, rice crispy treats)! Stryker had a great time running around with the "big" boys, playing on a tractor, & roasting hotdogs & marshmallows while LakeLynn slept. Thank you for the invitation. Our family enjoyed the experience. Sunday began with an amazing church service as usual. It was orphan Sunday. We were amazed how God placed Dixon in our lives just a year ago when we were struggling with miscarriages. We have embraced the opportunity to sponsor Dixon & can't wait to see what God does in Dixon's life as well as ours. Stryker took a nap before we took a much needed family date night. Logan & I chose Tree Top Family Adventure since we had never been. Stryker's facial expression was priceless as we walked through the front doors. He never stopped running from place to place. I snuggled Lake in the sling & off we went to ride go karts (no, I didn't ride with Lake!), inflatables, games, & an indoor playground. There was also water wars which was closed for the winter as well as putt putt, laser tag, & miniature bowling. After seeing Stryker's reaction, we'll be keeping it in mind for a possible birthday party location.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

LakeLynn newborn pics

Our extremely talented neighbor took a few newborn pictures of LakeLynn while she was in the NICU & edited them so it looked as if we were out of the hospital. I cannot express my gratitude for his thoughtfulness in order for us to capture the first few days of our little miracle's life. God has truly given him a talent & I hope his photography business is continually blessed. Again, a huge thanks to Chuck Spears. (These pictures are taken of printed pictures so they do not truly show our beautifully they turned out)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween! I was able to celebrate with my boy at his school party. Each child had helped make an animal hat as their costume to trick or treat around the classrooms. Stryker got tons of candy (not like this child needs any help in the hyper department!). One of his teachers took the children on the playground while I helped the other teacher set the table. Stryker was thrilled to have Coco, baby "Ake", & me there. After his party, Coco took him to the "big" park in Vestavia while LakeLynn went with me to the doctor. Coco surprised both children with a Halloween goody: Jake & the Neverland Pirates ship for Stryker, tummy time gym mat for LakeLynn. There's also a picture below of the pirate pumpkin Stryker & grandmomma made one day at the park.