Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Swim lessons

Stryker & LakeLynn are receiving swim lessons from top notch swim instructor - Madison Lee!!!! I highly recommend her to anyone! Can I mention that she just qualified for the National Junior Olympics in track & field!!!!!!

Fletch's birthday

Happy Birthday, Fletch!! Glad you are a part of our lives, appreciate the love you have for my mom, & thankful the way you put smiles on our children's faces! Happy Birthday ex-boxer man!!!!

Courtney's 32nd birthday/Father's Day 2015

June 18th (Thursday): right knee scope
Yes, almost 1 year later, I am in the same boat but with the other knee. The renowned Dr. Dueland at Cullman Regional Medical Center (the same surgeon the scoped my left knee in July 2014). My coworker, Justin Stricklin, decided to have special "instructions" for surgery! Coco kept the kiddos company while my hubs took me to the hospital. I had wonderful care from everyone. A special thank you to Dr. Dueland for taking care of my knee. I recovered over my birthday weekend by watching the US Open, Dunkin Donut breakfast, watching my family in the swimming pool, celebrating Father's Day & my birthday, & having a cookout at our house topped with homemade ice cream!