Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Corinthians 9:24

Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.

Look everyone, I'm walking!

Stryker is beginning to walk!!!!! He's been taking 1-2 steps independently at home or several steps while holding onto someone's hand but never this much. Yes, the video was taken at the ball park. As my best friend Jon said, "Not surprised he starts walking while at the baseball field." It was this past Sunday when he walked around the stands holding onto one of the ball player's grandparents' hands. They were smiling the entire time & enjoying being Stryker's walking buddies. I assume Stryker loved the attention from all the parents because he began taking steps on his own! The video was the first steps. Then, it was all over after that. He realized the more he walked the more everyone would clap for him. It was special. I immediately sent the video to Logan (he saw it after the game) & Coco (she had to work). Fletch & grandmomma were there. What a special moment. After the game, the ball team stopped to eat at Wendy's. Logan told Coach Putman about Stryker walking at the game. He quickly interrupted Logan to ask if there was a picture or video because he would love to see it. Coach Putman watched his little buddy's video a few times. I'm sure he can't wait to have Stryker running the bases on his field.

This spoke to me on the way to work this morning

On my way to work, I heard a song by Casting Crowns. This is not the first time that I have heard it in its entirety. But this particular morning, the chorus spoke to me & thought I'd share it with you. Living He loved me, Dying He saved me, Buried He carried my sins far away. Rising He justified, Freely forever. One day He's coming for the glorious day.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Just a sample...

our favorite place - the ball field

trying to run (well, crawl) the bases

in coach's box

love this one!
should be the cover for the movie "For Love of the Game"

see the ball

feel the ball

playing catch!

time to bat

this should be the cover for Sports Illustrated

God shining his light down on Stryker's hands

field of green

exploring the flowers

waving hey with both hands


flirting with the camera

my wonderful family

the wind took Stryker's breath away

Yesterday, we had a photography session for Stryker's 1 year pictures. The photographer is the amazing & talented Mrs. Beth Medley. She took over 400 pictures & emailed me just a few to view until the complete set is complete. Please note that none of these pictures are edited yet. They will be edited when our ordered is placed. The pictures were taken on & around Wallace's baseball field. I know, we are obsessed with baseball. Stryker had a great time, especially playing in the dirt! Thank you so much Mrs. Medley. We will definitely have a hard time deciding on pictures. Can't wait to see the complete set of pictures!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Watch Coco & Mom, I can climb!

The video below is Stryker climbing all by himself at the park. Watch & see!

Tuck and Roll

Stryker was at the park with Coco & me when he decided to attempt standing from a bear crawl position. Watch the video below to see what happened...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A day at the park

Playing on the ground

Swinging with my little boy

Daddy's little guy

Love this pic

Such a happy boy

Climbing by myself

Let's slide

He got bored swinging the normal way

Laughing so hard

Loves to swing

The weather was perfect for outside playing today. The sun was shining with a slight breeze, definitley shorts & t-shirt temperature. Logan & I decided to take Stryker for his first park experience. There is a park close to our home with fields, slides, swings, climbing equipment, walking track, etc. I guess we weren't the only families with this idea because the parking lot had several cars. As I pulled Stryker out of his car seat, he was overwhelmed with sounds of laughter from other children. Stryker immediately smiled & wanted down. We sat him in a swing, which he loves to be in at home. He had the biggest grin on his face as the wind blew threw his hair. After swinging, we took him on the slide. The other children kept capturing his attention. But quickly focused back on the task at hand when Logan guided him down the slide. The slide was a hit for the first 4 times & then Stryker quickly got bored wanting to do something else. Logan helped him climb on a chain ladder which he was able to hold on independently for a little bit. There was a square metal climbing ladder (not sure what to call it but the picture is above) that made Stryker laugh non-stop. He would walk all around it (well, holding on with both hands) & play chase with me. It was a blast! Stryker learned to bear crawl! Guess it was a must because the ground was wood chips which must not be very comfortable to the knees. Stryker was able to take about 10 steps while holding onto only one of Logan's fingers! Needless to say, we loved spending some family time together outside & have some wonderful memories. Thank you Lord for a beautiful day!

New Toy from Coco

Thanks Coco for my new toy zebra!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Learning by Osmosis

Stryker doesn't want to sit still long enough to read (well, listen to us read) so I hope osmosis will help!!!