Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mrs. Bethany's birthday

Wednesday, March 2nd
Stryker's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Bethany, had a birthday on March 2nd. Stryker loved picking all of her presents, drawing on her card, & coloring her pictures.

Lunch out

Sunday, February 28th

Lunch after church at a Mexican restaurant with the Hickman's!

Spring break 2016 - day 2

Tuesday, March 29th:

Adventure destination - Steel City Jump Park

Stryker, LakeLynn, & me jumped for an entire hour! We ran, jumped, did tricks, & bounced on all of the trampolines. The park had several areas - single short & long lanes, basketball lanes, foam pits, & dodge ball lanes. My favorite was the dodge ball!! Future date night for sure!

Swimming party

Saturday, February 20th:

Collin & Caleb invited us to their birthday party (Collin turned 6 & Caleb turned 3)! They had a swimming party at Cullman Aquatic Center. We had a great time!!

Spring break 2016 - day 1

Monday, March 28th:

Adventure destination - Red Mountain Park

Our trail hike included finding rocks, throwing rocks, finding walking sticks, & avoiding a rattle snake! Well, a biker told us that he passed a rattle snake a few minutes ago so that was our cue to go the other route!

Stryker's 6th birthday!

February 15, 2016
Stryker turns 6!!!!

Since we celebrated Stryker's birthday at Disney World, a party was not planned. But, we celebrated with Coco & Fletch that weekend! Stryker was pumped about his new 4-wheeler & ice cream cake.

Food - chicken Alfredo
Drink - sweet tea
Desert - chocolate
Color - red & blue
Number - 100
Letter - S
TV show - Ninja Turtles
Movie - Kualoa Kid

Best Friends: Noah, Colin, Josh, & William

Stryker does not have a yearly check-up until April so will post stats later. Stryker does weigh 45 pounds currently.

Basketball awards party

Sunday, March 13th:

We hosted Stryker's basketball team awards party!! As always, thank you Mrs. Vicki Stoves for the amazing cake! Coach Jackson did a great job this season & will miss having him next year.

The last 2 pictures are of the last basketball game.