Sunday, October 20, 2013

Painting pumpkins

Unfortunately, Logan had business to attend to so I planned a few special activities for the kiddos. One of them being painting our pumpkins from the pumpkin patch yesterday! Stryker told me that we needed more paint because his pumpkin was "soooo big"! Love that boy!

Sweet kisses

My precious girl has learned to give momma kisses when asked! Nothing sweeter than my children's love!

Dixie Railroad Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday (Saturday, October 19th) we had the opportunity to enjoy an outing planned by Coco - The Heart of Dixie Railroad's Pumpkin Patch. We typically go to the Great Pumpkin Patch in Hayden but Coco heard about this new experience & oh how we're glad she did! Thankful for enough healing which allowed me not to miss out on my family's adventure (God is good). We arrived in Calera around 2:45pm in order to board at 3pm. Stryker was thrilled to see they had attached an open cart to the train so we hopped onto that portion of the train without hesitation. Stryker was excited to know that he was allowed to stand holding onto the railing while the train was in motion! Every child's dream. Lake, on the other hand, was not a big fan. Her eyes remained wide open, eyebrowns scrunched, & her tiny fists were clinged tightly onto Logan's shoulders, then mine, then Coco's followed by snuggling her little head into Coco's shoulder. The train dropped us off at the pumpkin patch. We quickly hopped on a hayride before enjoying other activities (running through a maze, coloring pumpkin pictures, playing with bubbles, getting tattoos, & jumping in an inflatable). Logan, Lake, & I navigated the field before deciding on 2 perfect pumpkins for our family! All aboard the train & off we went back to the station. Lake was a little more confident on the return trip but still had her eyes wide open & eyebrows scrunched. It was about a 2.5 hour round trip so we didn't feel rushed at all. It was definitely worth coming back next year. Thank you Coco for finding out about this pumpkin patch & inviting us along!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

LakeLynn's 1 year check-up

Unfortunately, I was unable to take Lake to her 1 year old check-up due to sickness. Her appt was yesterday at 3pm. Dr. McCain was there as our favorite MD! Logan was able to keep me posted on her visit. Lake received overall perfect news along with her updated shots. Logan said she cried a high pitched cry for about 20 min & then was fine. Next visit will be at 15 months.

Current Stats:
weight = 20 lbs 0.8 oz (25-50th percentile)
length = 29.5 in (50th percentile)

About Lake:
*loves bath time or any water
*hates having lotion put on her body
*wears mostly 18 month clothing (due to long torso)
*wears size 4 diapers
*wears size 4 shoes
*not a picky eater
*prefers to drink out of a sippy cup with a straw
*likes to play rough like bubba
*babbles a lot
*hates to nap except for 9am nap
*bedtime routine (she will not go to sleep otherwise) - bundling up with special white silky blanket from Coco, paci in mouth, & swinging on front porch swing
*wants to walk everywhere - Ms. Independent
*hates to sit in highchair to eat - wants to sit in your lap or stand or walk around
*still a momma's girl
*would rather play with bubba's toys than her own
*has > 9 teeth
*sleeps the night (majority of nights) - goes to sleep by 7 pm no later & wakes between 7-8 am
*definitely an outside baby - would rather do anything outside than be inside
*likes to swing on the playground (what I enjoyed as a child)

Stryker's 4th soccer game

Stryker played in his 4th soccer game of the 2013 season today (Saturday, October 19th). We were not expecting rain though. Stryker took a few minutes to warm up again. I'm beginning to think he is not a morning person. Then, my buddy starting getting a little aggressive. He scored 4 goals again! After the game was over, an opponent's dad asked Logan if Stryker was going to play football. Guess Stryker was a little too aggressive - isn't soccer considered football overseas?! 

Love watching you play buddy!

Lake's ENT pre-op visit

Lake's ENT pre-op visit for tube insertion was Thursday, October 17th. We scheduled it with the same physician that performed Stryker's tubes & adenoid removal - Dr. Wiatrak at Children's. Upon his examination, he saw fluid behind both ears (right worse than left). I couldn't believe this since we had just finished her antibiotics from last ear infection not even 2 wks ago. Dr. Wiatrak told us that sometimes he has to think about his job & other times he doesn't, this was a time that he didn't. He said tubes were a definite. Lake is scheduled for surgery on Monday, November 4th. 

Sickly girls

What's good for days when you don't feel up to par? Snuggles & naps.

I was sick with bronchitis while baby girl had an ear infection.

Stryker's 3rd soccer game

Stryker played in his 3rd soccer game of the 2013 season on Saturday, Oct. 12th. The first 10 min was basically Stryker getting upset about the other team taking the ball away. Logan & Coach Barber explained to him that they were doing what he was trying to do also - just part of the game. Stryker decided then that he was going to be a soccer player & be tough. He scored 4 goals along with another one which didn't count because he threw it in! Way to go buddy!

Love watching you play son.


Love seeing father-son moments. Stryker was "teaching" daddy how to use each tool. Then Stryker sat on the counter telling daddy, "tell me when to open & close it daddy." Not sure what he meant but he was enjoying this time with daddy!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Another ear infection = tubes coming soon

My pitiful baby girl has another ear infection. School called Thursday informing us that Lake had spiked a 102 degree fever & lethargic. I was able to take off work (thank goodness for short days) in order to be mom. We headed to the pediatrician to find out another ear infection was the culprit. We are now scheduled for a pre-op visit with Dr. Wiatrak at Children's (same ENT that placed Stryker's tubes & removed his adenoids) on Thursday, October 17th at 9:30am to schedule tubes. I was able to get a lot of snuggle time in this weekend needless to say.

Ole Miss vs. Auburn football 2013

Hotty Toddy!! My mom had a thoughtful Auburn alumni give her 2 football tickets for the Ole Miss vs Auburn game on Saturday, October 5th. Logan stayed home with the kiddos while we headed to the game. We left around lunch with non-stop discussion during the car ride. We were amazed to find  our parking spot was only yards from the stadium. Below is looking out our windshield at the stadium. Now, that's what I call VIP parking - gotta love connections! We headed into the stadium as soon as they opened the gates. Coco & I were in the midst of an orange sea. We had a wonderful time even though our Rebels lost. We were just very thankful for this opportunity to attend a game together. Great appreciation for the member's thoughtful gesture. Hotty Toddy!!

Stryker's 2nd soccer game

This past Thursday night (October 3rd) was Stryker's 2nd soccer game! I LOVE watching our son play. Prior to the game, Coach Barber was kicking back & forth to Stryker for warm-ups. We began noticing how Stryker would mimic the way Coach Barber would kick the ball various ways. Stryker also enjoyed learning how to throw the ball overhead from Coach. The game was fun to watch as always. Stryker actually being more aggressive about kicking the ball away from the other players. Way to go buddy! Stryker scored 2 goals with another one that didn't count because he threw it in (overhead though!). Coco was able to watch this game & cheer our buddy on. Unfortunately, daddy missed the game - he insisted I go to the game with Coco while he kept our sick baby girl at home. Guess you have to do those things when you have more than one child. Did I mention how much I LOVE watching our son play soccer?!!!!